As many of you may know, the blanket scarf trend has taken the world by storm! In fact, I remember when the trend was introduced last winter. Just a few weeks after I decided to put myself on a shopping freeze, Zara introduced this beautiful plaid scarf that seemingly swept the land.  Unsure if the massive blanket scarf would make a cameo for Winter 2015, I prayed, prayed and prayed some more. And guess what? The trend returned and I am now the proud owner of THREE. In my excitement, I failed to think about how I would wrap such a massive scarf around my neck. I mean, it’s definitely a lot of fabric. However, with a little effort, experimentation and Pinterest stalking, I managed to discover my most favorite ways to wear the blanket scarf. In just six easy steps, I’ll be showing you the most basic way to wear this enormous scarf, along with a few other ways that I prefer to wear it!

Blanket Scarf 1 

Step 1. You simply take the scarf and unfold it. It’s one big square!

Step 2. You will then take the square shaped scarf and fold it diagonally into a triangle.

 Blanket Scarf 2

Step 3. Once you have it folded into a triangle, you will fine roll the scarf forward, until you are about half way down.

Step 4. From there, you will flip the front of the scarf to the back. So the rolled section will now be facing your tummy.

 Blanket Scarf 3

Step 5. You will place the scarf around your neck and crisscross the fabric in the back

Step 6. Crisscross the fabric in the back and pull.

 Blanket Scarf 4

For finishing touches, you can do one of two options! Option 1. You can stick the loose ends underneath the front of the scarf and allow them to hang down. Or Option 2. Stick the loose ends underneath the front of the scarf and tuck the excess fabric.  Pretty easy, huh? For those of you who hate being choked by fabric, do not worry! I have a couple of suggestions for you…keep scrolling down!

Blanket Scarf 5

Another basic way to style the blanket scarf is simply wearing it as a cape (or shawl). To give it dynamic, you could even add a belt! While I have personally yet to try belting my scarf, I’ve seen it and it looks amazing.

Blanket Scarf 6

I call this style “folded” and it’s a really great alternative when you want to wear a blanket scarf but without all of the fuss! To achieve this shape, refer back to the very first image of me with the scarf all stretched out. You will take the scarf from that exact shape and fold it down in small-medium sections until you get to the end. You then throw it around your neck and boom!

Blanket Scarf 7

And lastly, upside down! This is one of my most favorite ways to wear the blanket scarf, because it’s so unexpected. As you may notice, it is the cape style from above, but upside down. I take the point of the cape, bunch the remaining fabric in my hands and drape the scarf across the back of my shoulders. To give it more of a messy look, I pull one side of the scarf, so it’s longer than the other side.

In understanding that the infamous scarf had yet another successful year, I am sure we will not be saying goodbye to this trend anytime soon. Unfortunately, most retailers are already getting rid or have gotten rid of their winter items, so it may be difficult to get your hands on a thick wool one. However, I’m excited to share that the trend will be carrying over for Spring 2015! I have already started shopping for my spring blanket scarf additions….