Your Local, Fall Fashion Look Book

Once November hits, holiday shopping is in full swing. Many times, people look towards the mall for gift-giving or holiday attire shopping. My favorite thing as a local fashion stylist is to share the many findings from the boutiques on Front Street in Marietta, Ohio. I want to encourage all of you to shop small this season and take a look at all of the special pieces you can find here locally!

Snakeskin and Fur

Snakeskin, fur and gray are the triple threat this season.  These trends can make an impact in small ways. 

  • Model: Megan Reece
  • Necklace and Earrings: Wit & Whimzy
  • Navy Top: Schafer Leather
  • Jeans: Sugar Maple Boutique
  • Vest: Teri Ann’s

For instance, this gray vest with fur pockets pairs wonderfully with the snakeskin boots and navy flutter sleeve top. The geode pendant necklace ties everything together along with the metallic teardrop earrings. 

  • Model: Lauren Hendricks
  • Top and Leggings: Teri Ann’s
  • Jacket: Threadz
  • Earrings: Wit & Whimzy

This look could be deconstructed to be either dressy or casual simply by switching out the accessories. Athleisure is a huge trend and here is the perfect example of how to create a more upscale feel. With this lightweight jacket, it creates a sophisticated and polished, layered look. The snakeskin print hoodie also creates a dressier vibe compared to most sweatshirts because it has a print and the fabric is less casual. Pairing it with leggings that have leather accents creates a more edgy feel especially with the metallic print in the earrings. Take away those accessories? There’s your casual look.

Leather and Camo

When people wear camo or leather in the MOV some may reference these looks as western or something only hunters wear.  However, these two trends are hot in the fashion scene.

  • Model: Megan Reece
  • Jacket: Teri Ann’s
  • Dress and Belt: EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s
  • Gloves: Schafer Leather
  • Earrings: Wit & Whimzy

This reversible jacket features a metallic camo print paired with a snakeskin belt and a gold mini-print dress. The leather gloves are the perfect match to mix-it-up and tie in the look.

  • Model: Lauren Hendricks
  • Cape: Teri Ann’s
  • Gloves and Top: Schafrer Leather
  • Earrings: Wit & Whimzy
  • Leggings: Teri Ann’s

The black leather gloves with the studded accents create an on-trend look.  The burgundy top brings a rich tone to the outfit while the metallic details in the earrings complete a delightful holiday vibe.

Leopard and Plaid

My two favorite prints to combine in the fall and winter are leopard and plaid.  These are the perfect pairing and a great start to mixing patterns. 

  • Model: Megan Reece
  • Leopard Top: EmLeigh’s & Mama B’s
  • Plaid Top: Threadz
  • Earrings and Handbag: Wit & Whimzy
  • Jeans: Sugar Maple Boutique

Leopard print is often paired with the color red which makes plaid a great way to ease into the idea of mixing patterns. When you pair it with black jeans it creates a dramatic effect. The best way to tie in the colors is the black and brown bag and gold accents in the earrings.

  • Model: Lauren Hendricks
  • Leopard Hat: Schafer Leather
  • Top: Threadz
  • Scarf and cardigan: Dad’s Primitive Workbench
  • Earrings: Wit & Whimzy
  • Jeans: Sugar Maple Boutique

Layering a chunky sweater over a plaid top is a classic, casual style. Pairing it with a plaid scarf helps incorporate more pattern and color as well as these textured earrings.

Do you know what the best thing about all of these looks is? They are all found in downtown Marietta at the local boutiques. So make sure and spend some time shopping local this season and always!

Stylist and Author: Courtney Smith of 7.4.0

Make-up Artist: Abigail Gedon of PWDR Beaute’

Photographer: Lindsay Husk of Lindsay Husk Photography