Did you know that there are several locally-owned shops right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley that cater to both men and women? If you aren’t familiar with Ashton Preston, he is what we would call a local fashion influencer. He and I partnered up to illustrate ways for both men and women to shop our local small businesses together.

We decided to start with adding pieces to our existing outfits as we shopped around. Our first stop was Wit & Whimzy. You can always find unique jewelry in this quaint location. Ashton found a coin necklace as well as some spoon rings.  Yes, men, you can wear these styles too! Ashton wears them perfectly and shows a great way to style them together.

I was able to find the perfect match for bringing out the white flecks of fabric in my top. I chose a long pendant necklace that showcased the white and then paired it with a gray and black earring to add some interest to the look.

The next stop was right next door at Schafer Leather. Ashton found the perfect piece to add to his outfit which was this chain wallet. 

I was able to find a handbag that coordinated wonderfully with my shoes and added this faux fur-trimmed vest to spice up the look. I added one more piece to complete the outfit and that was this gray fedora with a black ribbon.

Ashton is also wearing a pair of shoes from Horner & Harrison which is also another co-ed shopping venue. So the next time you want to shop with the opposite sex in the same place, remember these shops so you can frequent them together.

Photographer: Kelsey Preston @k_pres

Models: Ashton  Preston @ash_pres and Courtney Smith @randomosity740