Mask Fashion in the age of COVID-19

Depending on your place of residence many businesses and healthcare facilities require that everyone wear a mask during their visit. The “mask vs not wearing a mask” debate can be a controversial subject but we’d rather focus on embracing the mandate and having fun doing so! I encourage you to use this opportunity to show more of your personality through fun mask fashion. Whether you have a favorite sports team, TV show, personal style, or a great sense of humor, now is the time to show it off.

Maggie Mullen and Kelsey Ahern of Marysville, Ohio are both working mothers that started sewing masks for one another and their families to keep each other safe. They realized the masks they were creating were some of the most comfortable and functional masks they had personally encountered in the market. From that point on they decided to start a Facebook page and share their masks with the community which then turned into a booming business, The Sewing Ladies of Seventh. Soon after, they launched the tag #showmeyoursafeface to boost awareness of mask safety.

These two friends and neighbors enjoy shopping for fun fabrics and accessories to go with the masks that work for all ages and personalities. The world is forever changing, especially during these times, and more and more people find themselves searching for outlets for self-expression to feel normal. But what is normal? Right now, the new normal is about safety and staying educated. Many parents are facing uncertainty and ups and downs surrounding discussions over school openings. Here’s another learning moment for all of us. The children are watching and learning from us adults, so why not share how fun mask-wearing can be?

Let’s start with basic coordinating with colors for your outfit. What colors bring you happiness? Pair those together and that’s a great start. Did you know certain colors can boost your mood? That’s right, google it. You can wear solid colors or mini prints with just about any outfit. Let’s say you want to be bolder and mix patterns, just remember to still coordinate the colors.

Maybe you like something edgy and enjoy accessories, or maybe you are apt to lose things. Mask chains are another trend and can be worn like an eyeglass chain so you don’t misplace your mask. It can be worn in front or behind your mask depending on the look you are going for. Also, it can be worn without the mask as a regular necklace! All of these masks and chain accessories were created by The Sewing Ladies of Seventh and are the epiphany of showing how mask fashion can be fun to wear.

Whether you are pro or anti-mask, just remember that everyone on either side believes they are right, so be kind to one another until we figure out how to maneuver through this new world. Let’s all do the best we can to get through these trying times together!

Models: Maggie Mullen co-owner of Plumm Home and The Sewing Ladies of Seventh and Kelsey Ahern (wearing the glasses) school educator and co-owner of The Sewing Ladies of Seventh

Model and Fashion Coordinator: Courtney Smith of 7.4.0

Indoor and Downtown Venue: Plumm Home Outdoor Venue; Redbarn Vineyard in Marysville, Ohio.

Handbags from Plumm Home