“Celebrating Culture, Community and Creativity in the Mid-Ohio Valley”

Our Mission

Clutch MOV was a free, online publication that delivered creative coverage of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s rich culture and local flavor through the eyes of young professionals. We existed to bring light to our communities’ hidden gems, offer a fresh perspective on old favorites, uplift local people, places, and events, and publish positive, current content each week for our readers.

Our History

Growing up in the Mid-Ohio Valley, many of us felt like we needed to move to a bigger city to experience the rich culture we craved. But then we looked around and took notice of the creative movements happening right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We started to realize that big things can happen in small towns, too – and that we have the same ability to harness this creative energy to do something new and exciting. And so we did.

We spent the first year quietly building content, figuring out how to structure something like this, and planning for a public launch. As our reputation grew, so did our ranks. We are happy to say that more than 80 writers have contributed to this homegrown publication.

“Our mission is to do more than just promote the Mid-Ohio Valley
– we are actively and passionately trying to make it a better place.”

We live in a beautiful area, rich with texture and vibrant scenery. We wanted to establish quality social media streams that not only captured this beauty, but built upon it – encouraging others to document and share their experiences. We also recruited a handful of talented local photographers to make sure our content really stood out – we are not just a website after all, we are a magazine.

Over eight years, we published hundreds of articles online, hosted a number of free community events, published two print issues, partnered with local revitalization efforts and service groups, and established ourselves as a primary source of positive, interesting local content.

In July of 2022, Clutch MOV officially ceased operations. If you have questions about our publication or would like to learn more, you can reach out to our publisher and founder, Sarah Arnold, at sarah@clutchmov.com.