They say that every woman should have a go-to black dress, which I totally agree with. In fact, I own about seven black dresses. But I also believe that every woman should own a go-to white dress, especially for the summer season. Before we go on, let’s clarify a couple of things about wearing white:

  • The “No White After Labor Day” no longer exists
  • To double clarify that notion, YES, you can wear white year round
  • There is a difference in various hues of white, but no one really cares
  • Yes, white gets dirty easily, but that’s why we have fabric bleach
  • Yes, white dresses can be more sheer, but that’s why we have slips

Now that I have covered a couple of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to wear a white dress, let me tell you why you need one. Much like the black dress staple hanging in your closet, owning a white dress is essential when building a classic and moldable wardrobe. Unlike a black dress, a white dress is the epitome of crisp and refreshing. Additionally, a white dress embodies sweet femininity, while black has a tendency to be a bit sultrier. It is because of the color white that we are able to have the various shades of the rainbow in our wardrobes.

More so than any other color, white can be perfectly paired with any shade or hue, be it light or dark. The all white trend gained momentum in Spring 2014 and according to fashion powers that be, this trend isn’t dying anytime soon. So, rather than continuing to fight it, just go ahead and give in. I promise it will be worth it. Per the usual, I want to inspire you by showing you how incredibly versatile a white summer dress can be. In this post, I will be showing you 3 really easy ways to wear your classic white dress for the remainder of the summer. Heck, you can even transition wear it into the fall, but I will have to show you those tips at a later date! For now, let’s just focus on classic white summer style.



Take it easy and simply wear the dress as is. Pair it with a few of your go-to accessories, a flat sandal, a cross body bag and a nude lip. A perfect and stylish summer look for running errands around town.



Looking for simplicity with a little flare? If so, you can lightly adorn your white dress with a thin, neutral colored cardigan and a soft toned nude bag. You could even go with a colored cardigan if you are looking to spice things up a bit. A look fitting for evening dining al fresco with the girlfriends or your beau.





Take your white dress from sweet femininity to boldly edgy by pairing it with a bright red lip, a denim jacket and an oversized handbag. Pairing these style essentials with a white dress allows you to maintain that crisp summer feel, while also being a bit edgy. This look would be ideal for one of those days when you have plans immediately following work and no time to change. This is a great day-to-night look for summer. As you can see, the classic white dress is extremely versatile! So, summer clearance sales are happening everywhere right now. I encourage you to take it upon yourself and find a classic white dress for your wardrobe. Even if you don’t wear it this summer, you can wear it next year. I feel 100% positive in saying that we will be seeing more white on the runway this fall and spring! Actually, I know we will.

Happy White Dress Shopping!

P.S. That’s my sweet niece, Raeleigh in the photos with me! She was all about modeling her Old Navy dress for you guys!

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