I was recently asked by one of my high school friends, to post some outfit ideas for men to wear to holiday parties. This got me thinking that he probably wasn’t the only one wondering; “What should I wear?” 

There seems to be an event popping up every weekend during this time of the year. A work Christmas party, (two parties if you have a significant other), family and friend social gatherings, charity events, and the list goes on. No matter what the occasion is, I have created three outfits that could work for any holiday event you might have on your agenda. 

For the first option, I chose to wear a cardigan with dress slacks and dress shoes. The cardigan is a nice substitute for the blazer, as it makes the outfit more casual, comfortable and relaxed.  I chose to wear patterned pants because the rest of my outfit is all solids, and this would’ve been a little boring to look at.  To add some holiday vibes to the outfit, I chose to wear a green knitted tie and oxblood double monks.

The second option I chose to wear  blazer instead of a cardigan because the rest of the outfit was way too casual for my liking; it’s all about balance. The sweater is a fairisle pattern, which feels wintery, and is a perfect choice for the holiday parties rather than the typical “ugly” sweaters people like to wear this time of year.  The dark jeans, chukka boots and sweater are something that every man would be comfortable wearing if they aren’t used to dressing up. If you’re a guy that doesn’t typically dress up or isn’t comfortable with it, the addition of the blazer worn over the sweater allows you to be a little dressier without having to wear a full-on suit and tie. 

The third option is the most conservative, being a navy suit. Maybe you have a work party and you have to dress up, or maybe you’re going to meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, and you want to impress them.  I chose to ditch the tie to be more comfortable and I also unbuttoned an additional button for a certain je ne sais quoi.  I chose to wear some festive socks, green striped shirt and a pocket square with a hint of red, to keep the holiday feelings flowing.

Remember these rules when dressing up for your holiday affairs: make sure your pieces fit you well, keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to be the best dressed man in the room. I would love to see how you decide to dress up for the holidays. Tag me in your holiday party pictures on Instagram @ash_pres