Tyler Preston has been creating sick fades and fresh cuts since 2007. After working with his mom, Melanie, at Preston’s Beauty Academy for the past eleven years, he’s stepping out with his own shop in Downtown Marietta.

“I love cutting hair because it is an instant gratification of my artwork and creativity,” said Tyler. “I love being around people and seeing them smile, so in a way this is one of many ways that I can contribute to someone’s confidence and happiness. Nothing is better than turning a client around and seeing them laugh, or smile with a glow.”

Through years of perfecting his craft and working alongside Melanie, Tyler has made a name for himself locally as a skilled and capable stylist. “A great haircut is important because it’s like achieving a personal goal, it’s a boost to the self-esteem and confidence,” Tyler said. “I’ve seen people walk out of my shop different than how they walked in. It’s like they had their favorite song playing in the background and they are walking in slow motion with explosions going off behind them. You can’t take that experience away from them once they have it.”

The shop, located at 317 3rd Street in Marietta is called Mr. Golden Scissors, a name Tyler has embraced over the past few years. “I’ve been called ‘Mr. Golden Scissors’ since 2015 when I was given the nickname by one of my clients,” Tyler explained. It’s stuck ever since.

“The shop sort of fell into our laps, but was also a blessing from God at the right time.” Tyler and his family had been searching for a spot downtown, holding out because they felt as though there might be something better in store. When Tyler’s father found the location on Third Street, it just felt right. “It was honestly never my intention to open a shop of my own, because I had been working alongside my mother with the business since I was in High School,” said Tyler. “My friends always told me I should open my own spot, but I didn’t want to leave my mom by herself.”

Now having taken the leap, Tyler is excited to own his own business. “It’s a personal milestone in my life. I have friends who are big into business and the market who think it’s funny that I started my own business before they did. I never intended to, but I’m excited to see how it grows from here.”

You can check out Tyler’s fresh cuts by following him on Instagram. To schedule an appointment with Tyler or one of his stylists, check out the Mr. Golden Scissors Facebook group, where contact information for the team is posted.