The O’Neill Center offers a variety of services and life enrichment activities for Washington County senior adults, with adult daycare serving as a lifeline for many since 1992. After being closed for six months, seniors are preparing to return to O’Neill’s adult daycare center. “Schools may have resumed in August, but seniors are just able to return to our Day Center,” said Connie Huntsman, Executive Director.

“Being closed was extremely difficult. We wanted to continue meeting the needs of those who attend, yet we were mandated closed. We had to pivot our services and had even reached the point of providing care in the homes of those we serve, which still continues on a limited basis since we are operating under the state’s capacity restrictions,” said Huntsman.

Adult daycare provides a home away from home for many, helping to shoulder some of the responsibilities of the clients’ caregivers. O’Neill’s Day Center provides practical physical and emotional support which can be difficult to do alone, no matter how much you love the person needing care. 

Caregivers receive much-needed support so they can continue with their own lives. This service can help to postpone or avoid altogether the expense and emotional turmoil associated with placing a loved one in a nursing facility prematurely. O’Neill’s Adult Day Center offers a well-trained support team to assist with nutrition, nursing care, personal care, and more. 

O’Neill’s adult daycare center has a planned reopening date of October 5, at reduced capacity, following the state’s most recent order. 

Several of the organization’s most critical services are supported in part by the Washington County Senior Service Levy. In the past five years, the course of the current levy’s funding life, roughly 25,000 days of adult daycare were provided to seniors all throughout Washington County.

Questions in regard to this service and others may be directed to the O’Neill Center at 740-373-3914 or view our website at