Many guys seem to be intimidated when it comes to fashion and style, when in reality it’s their best friend they just haven’t met yet.  It’s easy to look at some of the fashion savvy guys on the internet and think to yourself, “I’ll never look like them,” or “I can’t wear clothes like that.” One thing you have to remember though, is that they all started at the beginning just like each of us.   For my first blog post, I have decided to start with the basics. Your basic items are pieces of fashion in which multiple outfits can be built from. With that being said, I have chosen five items that I find essential to every man’s closet. Let’s take a look.

1. A navy or grey suit- Every man needs a suit in his closet and either of these two are your best option.  Both navy and grey are versatile; they can be worn to a wedding, a job interview, or a nice dinner out with that special someone. I did not include a black suit on this list because they tend to be reserved for funerals and dressier events.  If you only own one suit, make sure it’s either navy or grey.


2. A white dress shirt – Nothing looks better than a crisp, clean, white, dress shirt. Tip: the shirt should not be baggy on the sides when tucked in.  Wear it with a suit, under a sweater, under a blazer, or just alone paired with dark jeans.


3. Dark jeans – A dark pair of jeans, just like everything else on this list, is versatile.  Going out with your friends? Wear dark jeans.  Going on a date?  Wear dark jeans.  Casual Friday at the office? Wear dark jeans. This staple item tends to be dressier than a pair of light jeans.


4. Dress shoes – If you’re going to own one pair of dress shoes, they should either be black or brown since these tend to match the most outfits.  Make sure they either have laces or buckles; the ones that just slip on don’t count as a dress shoe and tend to look too clunky.  Keep them nice and slim in appearance. My personal favorite for dress shoes is a double monk strap shoe. This type of shoe has no lacing and either has a double buckle or strap on it.


5. White tennis shoes-  When I say “all white tennis shoes,” I don’t mean the K-Swiss your dad wears. I mean something sleeker looking.  Look for something like an all white Stan Smith Adidas, Vans or Converse.  Not only do they pair well with the dark jeans, (hint: be careful not to wear brand new, unwashed dark jeans with all white shoes as the material tends to bleed on the shoes), but also with shorts during the warmer months.