Most gals are familiar with Audrey Hepburn and her iconic little black dress (LBD). Some might even believe that Audrey was the legend behind this phrase.  However, Coco Chanel had one of her black dress sketches published in Vogue which shaped the craze around this essential piece. Although Chanel is not the inventor of this concept she really helped shape the future of what it has become to this day.  If you go into any ladies closet, I bet you can find at least one black dress.  This staple piece can be worn all year long because it is black.  It fits into every season and occasion.

There are now phrases around the little white dress (LWD) too. I would have to pay tribute to Marilyn Monroe for this concept.  Seeing that both black and white are the best neutral colors to work with in fashion, it makes sense that this would become another important piece for a woman’s closet.  It’s also a bold statement because let’s face it, white shows every little stain. And when a woman wears a white dress, she is guaranteed to have all eyes on her.

This is the perfect dress to own for spring and summer.  It could also be worn in the fall and winter if done properly and made from the appropriate fabric. Yes, you heard me correctly, throw that old-fashioned don’t wear white after Labor Day rule out the window.  Don’t even get me started on all of the other outdated fashion rules.  That’s a whole other article (ha ha)!

I now want to take you into the future. Now introducing the new essential garment that every woman should have in her closet; the little black and white dress (LBWD).  This is something I believe is a great mix of the LBD and LWD. Mainly because not every woman feels confident when they wear white.  This helps combine both elements and allows a more flattering alternative.  If you are bottom-heavy you can find a color-block dress that has white at the top and black on the bottom.  Or maybe you have a larger bust and not much in the hip area; black on the top and white on the bottom-problem solved!  Take a look at my favorite LBWD that I own. This dress has mesh panels on either side which helps accentuate a smaller waistline.  I really enjoy the skater style skirt because it helps disguise any imperfections in the tummy area.  The good thing about this dress is that I can throw on black fleece-lined tights and a black moto jacket so that I can dress it down and wear it in the winter.  I always love a red accent for anything white or black so I wore my red shooties with this look.  So let me ask you, what dresses are you missing in your closet?