Christmas is a holiday all about traditions and in my family we always have 2 large get-togethers, one for each side of the family. I tend to prefer a dressier look but nothing too risqué. My day job is a very casual environment so whenever I have the chance to get a little fancier I jump at it.
My first look is a red boat neck top with an A line skirt. The skirt does have a wonderful little flocked print on it but it’s hard to see in photos. I enjoyed pairing them together for a little retro flair. I’m also wearing tights and peep toe heels. Don’t think just because it’s cold you have to stow those peep toes you adore. Paired with tights of the same color I find they work remarkably well for winter wear.
My second look is the same outfit with the accessories switched around. I love how you can totally change a look by adding or subtracting a few things. The over the top necklace and belt really amp up the sparkle factor and make it a little more festive. I generally don’t wear necklaces this large, I actually borrowed this one from Courtney, but I think it really livens up the look. I also switched from contacts to my glasses. I think us ladies with glasses often forget that it’s a super simple way to change our look too. We have to wear them, they might as well look good! I happen to have 3 pair of glasses (over achiever, I know) and it’s incredible how switching between them can thoroughly change the look of something. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new this holiday season, you might just like it!


Whenever I am attending a party during the holidays I like to be festive and a little unique. I try to think outside the box and do things that aren’t so predictable.

For my first look I’m wearing my favorite blanket scarf with a pine colored flounce sleeve top, black jeggings and nude, ruffle heels. This is something I would wear to a casual party with friends. The ruffle heels help elevate the look so that it’s not overly casual.

For my second look, I’m actually wearing my blanket scarf as a kilt-inspired skirt and paired it with the same top as the previous look. I simply draped my scarf and utilized safety pins to keep it intact ( make sure to wear a layer underneath so that you don’t have any wardrobe mishaps). I would wear this to just about any party.

Whenever I go shopping I try to think of different end uses for pieces that I purchase. I pay attention to colors and prints to ensure I can mix and match them with other things that I own. Shopping for holiday parties doesn’t always have to be so stressful. You probably have a lot of garments in your closet that you could wear differently than a previous year. Think creatively and have fun!

Your Faithful Dreamer,

Courtney of Ran.dom.o.sity 7.4.0