Fans of Amy Poehler are proud to see her new book  “Yes Please”  finally line the shelves of bookstores. Since its recent release in October of 2014 the book has quickly climbed to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List. This success is related to Poehler’s candid, funny, and honest tone. Her honesty is evident in the preface as she mentions, “I like hard work and I don’t like pretending things are perfect.” With that first line the stage is set for what the readers are to expect; a genuine read.

“Yes Please” is arranged in three parts with additional essays contributed from those that have shaped Poehler’s life. Her friends Tina Fey and Seth Meyer are just a few of the contributors. The book is not a contemporary feminine self-help book for the modern woman. One shouldn’t expect to pick it up and immediately be prepared to sit at the table or climb the ladder flawlessly. In a sense, it is a memoir that allows readers to gain insight and perspective into the pivotal moments of Poehler’s upbringing and career. The scope of the book spans from Poheler’s early childhood days when she discovered comedy was her calling to her time spent traveling around the country gaining credibility in improvisation. Poehler also details her time spent on “Saturday Night Live” and experiences on “Parks and Recreation.” Throughout the book personal pictures and documents paint the picture that is Amy Poehler.

Poehler reminds her reader that the things we imagine are not always going to end up perfectly but because of that they could end up better. She writes, “I believe great people do things before they are ready. They do things before they know they can do it.” This approach is vital to “Yes Please” in that it provides human transparency, which is key to Poehler’s style. In her writing process Poehler explains she wasn’t sure if the book would actually happen or if people would appreciate it. “Yes Please” became a reality though because of courage, a risk-taking attitude that can be learned through the book.

“Yes Please” is for someone who wants to laugh out loud while reading. It is for someone who can appreciate a little messiness and relate to the difficulties that arise when balancing work and personal life. It is for someone who is stuck and needs to be reminded that it’s time to make things happen. Lastly, “Yes Please” is a book that provides a meaningful journey for the reader with plenty of fun along the way.