Brad Thomas

Quite Early One Morning

“It had been such a ferocious night that someone in the smoky ship-pictured bar had said he could feel his tombstone shaking even though he was not dead or, at ...

Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins

Right out of the gate, Chuck Prophet lets you know what it’s going to take to keep up on this record. This Americana-Folk-Rockabilly-Blues-Cali-Rock & Roll ...

We Are Not Ourselves

The American Dream is elusive. The idea of a Dream once existed in the minds of previous generations, but is no longer a shared reality for America’s Millennials. The book “We Are Not Ourselves” is a story that echoes the wishes and wants of the Amer...

The Podcast Known as Serial

Last year we were introduced to Serial, a podcast that told one story, in installments, week by week - just as the name Serial would suggest. This program, from...
Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas


Brad is a father, a husband, a rambling storyteller, a bourbon drinker, a book lover, and crazed bluegrass listener who use the word ‘awesome’ too much.