Here’s to the BEST.

Best of the MOV is Clutch MOV’s Readers’ Choice contest all about uplifting our local, independently owned businesses, organizations, individuals, and places that you – the community – think are worthy of being called the best of the best! With over 100 categories spread across six main categories, Best of the MOV is truly a celebration of all things local. This year, more than 30,000 ballots were submitted – an incredible display of how much this community cares!

We’re pleased to share the results of our 2021 Best of the MOV contest and celebrate each of our local winners. Whether you are a first time visitor or a lifelong resident, we hope this guide introduces you to something new and deepens your appreciation for the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Are you a #1 winner, but you did not receive an email? Contact Sarah at! Have questions about our Best of the MOV Contest? Check out our FAQs!

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