Mineral Wells’ newest addition, the Fajita Truck, located at 1537 Elizabeth Pike, provides the taste quality of a sit-down Mexican restaurant at a fast food pace.
Opening in early August, the Fajita Truck provides customers with tasty, affordably priced Mexican cuisine. The portions are huge and worth the money spent; a meal at a fast food restaurant is typically higher priced and less filling than the meals at The Fajita Truck.
Upon arriving at the Fajita Truck, customers look over the menu then walk up to the bus to order their food. Food trucks are typically a staple of larger cities, but in Parkersburg, food trucks are rare. Although not a “traditional”  truck, The Fajita Truck serves out of a silver painted school bus. Despite this, the bus acts and serves customers just as any other food truck would. Mineral Wells rarely gets an new eateries, so this newest addition is a big deal to locals.
The employees there are friendly and prompt on getting customers their food. Picnic tables are located in the parking lot surrounding the bus which provides customers with a comfortable place to enjoy their delicious meal.
Mineral Wells resident Shelly (Black) Wiggins loves the newest place to eat in Mineral Wells. “The food is amazing with very quick and friendly service,” Shelly said. “If you like Mexican, you should definitely give it a try!”
In addition to fajitas, the Fajita Truck also serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, chimichangas, nachos, salads and many other Mexican entrees and sides. Some of the Fajita Truck’s cuisine may be “too hot to handle.” A few of their main dishes containing peppers may cause some customers to turn away from the business. However, the Fajita Truck’s large menu provides a dish for everyone to enjoy, including a kids menu for those who do not enjoy Mexican cuisine, where American entrees such as chicken tenders and cheese burgers can be ordered.
A burrito, taco, refried beans, chips and queso cost me ten dollars; this meal filled me up for the evening and was delicious. The truck’s burritos, as well as their tacos, give customers the perfect amount of spice in combination with general good taste. The spicy cheese making up the queso provides a taste that will leave customers wanting to come back for more.
I would recommend the Fajita Truck to anyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine, but does not like the large bill that customers often receive from a Mexican restaurant.
The Fajita Truck is open from 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Contact the Fajita Truck at 681-797-5505 for more details and questions.