Emily Rowley

No Prejudice, Just Pride

Local Pride Events Happening Across the Mid-Ohio Valley In cities and towns across the USA and the world over, LGBTQIA+ folks and their allies are celebrati...

Family and Food on a Local Landmark

Barlow, Ohio has a bridge to nowhere. Just off the intersection of routes 339 and 550 on the fairgrounds, sits a classic, all-American, covered bridge. The kind you’d find on a New England postcard. Long used as a backdrop for engagement photos or s...

“Making” an Impact in a Time of Crisis

Local makers step up to help during the COVID-19 pandemic For weeks now, the Mid-Ohio Valley has been quiet. Shops are closed, parks emptied, and restaurants shuttered. But listen closely, and all across the valley, you can hear the steady whirri...
Emily Rowley

Emily Rowley

Author & Photographer

Emily Rowley is a freelance writer and MOV native who recently completed her Master's in English and creative writing. She enjoys gardening, coffee table books, British television, walking in the woods, and alternating complaining about and vehemently defending her home state. She lives in Parkersburg with her large dog, three-legged cat, and many houseplants.