Now that the snow is finally melting and spring seems to be coming around the corner, it also seems like the perfect time for muddy shoes to come around too. When I was racking my brain for a quick and easy spring project, I turned to some of my favorite bloggers for inspiration and finally landed on the perfect project. A festive spring doormat – what yells spring more than birds on a line?

What you will need:

  • Doormat, most local home improvement stores will have these
  • Spray paint, one color, two colors, whatever suits your fancy (I prefer Rust-Oleum)
  • Painters tape

Keep in mind:

  • Depending on what kind of design you want to create on your mat, you might want to have a cutting board and exacto knife on hand, which I will explain further into this DIY.
  • Also, consider the scale of the image in relation to the size of the mat. My only regret throughout this process was not going bigger with my two birds for a cleaner end product.

A couple examples from my favorite bloggers that you can use for reference are:

Young House Love & Sarah Hearts


How to make it:

  • First of all, I would recommend sketching out your design or at least have something in mind if you are the kind of person to wing your projects. (I sure am!)
  • Make sure you have everything you need laid out on a flat surface (sans spray paint)
  • Depending on how intricate, this is where your cutting board and exacto knife come into play.
  • After everything is cut out, start to place on the mat and make sure the tape is secure on the mat
  • Once everything is attached to the mat, it’s time to paint. Be sure to paint in an open, well ventilated area, if you are not painting your mat outside.
  • I recommend at least two coats if not three, and remember to paid the edges all the way around the mat, too.
  • Please allow enough time for the mat to dry according to the dry time on the spray can.
  • Place proudly in front of your door and ENJOY!



Hannah Kern, born and raised in Marietta, eventually made the move the great white north, also known as Cleveland.  After graduating Kent State she began working for a commercial real estate company. Outside of office life, she love to explore CLE with her boyfriend and play with her dog Indie Jones– and most importantly, make the trek south to visit Marietta.