It is only the third week of the new year but it feels like this cold winter has been dragging on for way too long.  I am here to help brighten your day and bring some healthy greenery to mix with the winter blues.  I am the first to admit it, but I love succulents and cacti.  Since I used them for my wedding nearly two years ago, I have keep the little guys strunned about my house.  It has been a cheerful spot in my day to tend to them, but unfortunately they come in some plain, boring little pots.  This quick and easy solution will help update and personalize your succulent pots!


For this project I used the mini pots that my cacti came in.  They are the perfect size, and come with drainage holes already in the bottom.  (Which is very important for cacti and succulents!)

Working with clay will take you back to your childhood play doh days.  I find it very therapeutic working with clay, just a slow and steady process of warming the clay up to a more malleable state.  

Once the clay is softened start to roll it out with your roller until it is smooth and a large enough to cover your little pot.  I ended up grabbing a straight edge to help mark a large straight line.  You could use a clay tool, your straight edge or some other craft knife to cut the edges of your clay.

Wrap the clay around your pot, trimming off extra and smoothing the seam down with some water and a blunt craft knife or wood clay tool.  My small pot had a lip around the top, which I included in the forming of the clay.  I molded the clay around the bottom and smoothed it by pressing it on the table.  Once again I used water to smooth the edges around the bottom.  Also don’t forget about drainage holes!  Succulents do not like a lot of water and the holes help them push the water on pass but be sure to give them lots of light!

To add some detail I used the end of one of the clay tools to poke little dots and for the second pot I made, I pressed straight lines in a pattern around it.  Once you have completed your pot and any possible design, set aside to dry.  Follow the clay package for any specific drying instructions.

A last and optional step would be to spray with a clear varnish, to give it for a ceramic look.  I tried this on one of the pots and was not thrilled with the results but I also like the matte white!  Drop your dirt and succulent/cacti back in the pot once it is dry and enjoy a little extra green!