For those that celebrate Christmas, the spirited decorations of the holiday season all hinge on one very important component: the Christmas tree. Decorated with garlands and tinsel and ornaments both handcrafted and store-bought, the Christmas tree is a focal point of the holiday season. Not only does Santa Claus himself expect a Christmas tree to place his gifts beneath but families across the U.S. join together to beautify their evergreens in holiday splendor.

Whether you have a pine tree or a fir tree, the tree topper – typically an angel or a star – is the pièce de résistance; the final decoration to be placed atop, sealing the tree’s fate for the season.

This year, make a statement with one of these twists on the traditional tree topper.

By Michael Partenio

Santa Hat

Welcome Santa Claus into your home by paying homage to his personal sense of style with a Santa Hat topping the ol’ Tannenbaum. Big or small, the Santa Hat adds an adorable detail to the top of any tree. Pro Tip: Add extra Santa-inspired flare by wrapping red and white garland around the tree and hang ornaments vertically down the front to mimic the buttons on Santa’s big red coat!

Disco Ball

If the holiday season is one big celebration in your home, adding a disco ball to the top of your tree ensures all guests know that it’s party time at any time. The shiny surface of the disco ball will reflect the lights strung on your tree and brighten the room. Put a 70s spin on your tree with brightly colored ornaments and handcrafted tie-dye garland made from old tee shirts.

By Fox Hollow Cottage

Top Hat

Add a touch of class to your tree with a top hat. Placed atop any Christmas Tree, the top hat immediately refines the aesthetic of your tree and can be jazzed up to either be reminiscent of Frosty the Snowman or Frank Sinatra himself. Consider hanging snowflake ornaments with blue tinsel garland or handcraft music note ornaments to place on your tree to bring either theme to life!

The Sweetest Donut

Donuts make me go nuts, so instead of fighting your sweet tooth this season, why not celebrate it with a sugar-inspired Christmas tree topped with a donut? Feature pictures of your favorite desserts as ornaments and string your tree with white lights adorned with brightly-colored pink, yellow, and blue garland to amplify the candy shop theme.

By Brooklyn Limestone

A Monogram

Decorate your tree with a personal touch this season by adding a monogram to the top. Either wooden blocks, embroidered ornaments, or even a crocheted scarf with your letters on it will give your tree an extra touch of home. Choose a color scheme and match your garlands and lights to the color of your monogram, and adorn your tree with homemade and sentimental ornaments.

Piece of Framed Art

Do you have a favorite artist? Why not uplift the arts this holiday season by infusing your love of art with your love of Christmas? Select a framed piece of art to install on the top of your tree and treat your tree like an art gallery, hanging mini-paintings, photos, sculptures, and other pieces all around.

By Sparkle Crafts

A Bright Yellow Sun

For a Christmas tree that’s out of this world, install a bright yellow Sun atop your tree! Create the sun with paper mache, DIY a big pom pom from yellow yarn, or use a decorative paper ball to make sure your Sun is big and bright. Stay in theme with yellow and orange garland hanging down from the top to imitate sunbeams or put an intergalactic twist on your tree with planet-inspired ornaments.