Joe Stephens

Local Teachers Get Creative

Local Teachers Find New Ways to Connect with and Educate Students One of the huge issues brought on by COVID-19 was the closing of school buildings all around the area, as well as most, if not all, of the country. The wording of that previous sen...

Why it is Important to Self-Quarantine

I, like most people in one way or another, am a walking contradiction. On one hand, I deal daily with anxiety, but only with things over which I maintain the fantasy that I have some semblance of control. Grades due at my school and I still have pap...

And Then There Were None

It’s the prototypical Agatha Christie story—a seemingly disparate collection of people with something secret that connects them all. In this case, it’s a group...
Joe Stephens

Joe Stephens


Joe Stephens is the author of The Shalan Adventures, starring Harry and Dee Shalan. While he's not writing stories of daring-do, he's an award-winning high school English teacher. He's also a big fan of anything nerd, especially superhero.