Joe Stephens

Predicting the Weather

Ken McNatt and the Mid-Ohio Valley Weather Update Journalist Charles Dudley Warner is alleged to have once complained that, while everyone likes to talk abo...

The Outsider

Ned Newley is brilliant in his own way. He understands everything about the inner workings of his state’s government. He can balance the budget while letting teachers keep their jobs, pave the roads, and keep them plowed when it snows in the winter....

Clue: Stay-At-Home Edition

Was it Professor Plum in the drawing-room with the revolver? Or maybe Miss Scarlett in the library with the wrench? I know—it was Mrs. Peacock in the hall with...

The Hound of The Baskervilles

Fans of the Actors Guild of Parkersburg who have been hungry to view a production from their beloved troupe can rejoice. While it may not be in the format they would prefer, theater lovers can enjoy an adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic ...
Joe Stephens

Joe Stephens


Joe Stephens is the author of The Shalan Adventures, starring Harry and Dee Shalan. While he's not writing stories of daring-do, he's an award-winning high school English teacher. He's also a big fan of anything nerd, especially superhero.