Joe Stephens

The Victory Garden Makes a Comeback

I grew up in a gardening family. I didn’t fully understand it at the time, but this was a family tradition and also simply a way to put food on the table. Early spring was filled with anticipation as my dad worked on his tiller and bought seeds to p...

Local Teachers Get Creative

Local Teachers Find New Ways to Connect with and Educate Students One of the huge issues brought on by COVID-19 was the closing of school buildings all arou...

Local Arts Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

When a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic hits, individuals and organizations are forced to make tough decisions. Will we follow the guidance of healthcare leaders and stay in? What is the safest, smartest thing to do? As organizations, what is th...
Joe Stephens

Joe Stephens


Joe Stephens is the author of The Shalan Adventures, starring Harry and Dee Shalan. While he's not writing stories of daring-do, he's an award-winning high school English teacher. He's also a big fan of anything nerd, especially superhero.