The partnership between Washington State Community College (WSCC) and Marietta College (MC) means big savings for students who want a quality education while staying close to home. The dual enrollment agreement between the two institutions, called WSCC2MC, means students have a local, high-quality, and affordable option to earn their undergraduate degrees.

WSCC2MC is a transfer pathway established by the two Marietta-based colleges in the Fall of 2018 that bridges the gap between public and private education. Acceptance in the program guarantees admission to Marietta College and ensures a seamless transfer.

“The WSCC2MC program is an incredible program that saves our students money,” said WSCC’s Director of New Student Enrollment Carrie Thrash. “For many students, a private education was financially out of reach, but this program is opening doors and providing them new opportunities that they may not have considered before.”

Through the WSCC2MC program, students begin their academic career at Washington State, then transfer after two years to Marietta College. As part of this pathway, students will earn an associate degree from WSCC and a bachelor’s degree from Marietta College. Those who successfully earn an associate degree with a minimum 2.75 GPA and transfer to Marietta College are awarded an exclusive scholarship of $17,500 per year, which is renewable for up to three years.

“The scholarship is a big motivator for students. Attending a prestigious private college at roughly the cost of a state school is really what sets this program apart from our other transfer programs,” Thrash explained.

In addition to tremendous tuition savings, students are eligible to live in one of Marietta’s residence halls, enjoy campus dining options, and participate in student life options while enrolled at WSCC during their first two years. They also get to take one class each semester with Marietta College at Washington State’s tuition rate.

Thrash said that throughout their enrollment, students also have access to academic support, and professional development and internship opportunities from both campuses. They work with an academic advisor at both colleges to craft a personalized academic plan that facilitates the transfer process.

While enrolled in the WSCC2MC program, participants are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA and earn 25 transferrable credits before completing their bachelor degree program at Marietta College.

For additional details about the WSCC2MC program, tune in to the upcoming Q&A event on social media. Representatives from both institutions will answer your questions during the WSCC2MC Pathway to Savings Online Event. Join on Facebook on Thursday, July 16 at Noon or at 1 p.m. on Twitter.  You can find Washington State on Facebook @WSCCMarietta and on Twitter @WSCC_Marietta. For more information about the dual admission program WSCC2MC, visit wscc2mc.

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