Traditionally, Washington State Community College (WSCC) would have held its commencement ceremony last weekend to acknowledge the accomplishments of its more than 300 graduates. While current circumstances have forced the event’s postponement, the pride held by the institution and efforts to celebrate graduates have not been lessened.

WSCC President Dr. Vicky Wood explained that the decision to delay the ceremony was announced in March in accordance with recommendations from federal, state, and local officials to limit group gatherings. “Commencement is truly our proudest day, so canceling it isn’t an option we wanted to consider,” said Wood. “This delay protects the health and safety of our students, their families, faculty, and staff, however, it does not diminish the pride we have for each of our graduates. Celebrating their accomplishment is important to us,” she assured.

In a Zoom Town Hall meeting with students, Wood acknowledged the impact and hardships that resulted when the college was forced to move to remote teaching in March. She praised the students’ desire to make it work. “Getting to this point is evidence of your tenacity, resilience, and grit—characteristics that will benefit you for the rest of your lives,” she said.

In total, Washington State recognized 324 graduates and awarded 377 degrees and certificates, which includes those students who completed their coursework in summer and fall 2019. Also among the graduates are 32 College Credit Plus (CCP) high school seniors.

Throughout the month, graduates have submitted pictures along with quotes, favorite memories, or shout outs to those who have helped them throughout their educational journey to These are then shared on the college’s social media pages each day.

Currently, WSCC’s rescheduled commencement is planned for August.

For more than 48 years, Washington State Community College has fueled the community’s future through education. We work to make a positive impact by providing opportunities for growth. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or an adult student looking to enrich your life, we cultivate pathways to guide you toward future growth.  Be inspired. Be WSCC. For more information about Washington State Community College, visit  or call 740.374.8716.

Valerie Adams—Waterford, OH, Fall 2019

Kortney Allen—Dexter City, OH, Spring 2020

Dillon Allison—Vienna, WV, Spring 2020

Jack Alvarez—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Dustin Anderson—Ravenswood, WV, Fall 2019

Elizabeth Anderson—Fleming, OH, Fall 2019

Kaci Anderson—Disputanta, VA, Summer 2019

Cory Ankrom—St. Marys, WV, Spring 2020

Danielle Arick—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Anthony Armor—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Avril Ash—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Kristin Baker—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Reuben Baker—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Brandy Barengo—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

David Barnes—Parkersburg, WV, Summer 2019

Mary Barth—Lowell, OH, Spring 2020

Kari Bauerbach—Whipple, OH, Spring 2020

Lindsey Bauman—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Rachel Baumgard—Cutler, OH, Fall 2019

Rebecca Becker—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Jordan Beebe—McConnelsville, OH, Spring 2020

Callie Benedict—Fleming, OH, Spring 2020

Angela Bennett—Vienna, WV, Fall 2019

Joni Betts—Lewisville, OH, Spring 2020

Andrew Bleakley—St. Marys, WV, Spring 2020

Lindsey Bogatay—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Emily Bookman—New Matamoras, OH, Spring 2020

Cameron Booth—Lowell, OH, Spring 2020

Rachel Border—Chesterhill, OH, Summer 2019

McKaylyn Bowersock—New Matamoras, OH, Spring 2020

Jacob Brannon—Elizabeth, WV, Spring 2020

John Bratke—Vincent , OH, Spring 2020

Samantha Brinager—Portland, OH, Spring 2020

Corben Brooker—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Zachary Brooker—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Tanya Brown—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Whitney Buchanan—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Gracie Burkhart—McConnelsville, OH, Spring 2020

Earl Burris—Advance, NC, Fall 2019

Courtney Carlson—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Brodi Carpenter—Rockport, WV, Spring 2020

Emma Carpenter—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Kristin Carsner—Little Hocking, OH, Fall 2019

Katelyn Chesser—Cutler, OH, Spring 2020

Jacklynn  Christman—Woodsfield, OH, Spring 2020

Todd Clark—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kristen Clem—Belpre, OH, Summer 2019

Gaberial Clift—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Becca Clifton—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kayleanna Cochran—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Erin Coen—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Shelby Conley—Senecaville, OH, Summer 2019

Brooke Copenhaver—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kylee Covington—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Chloe Crowe—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Cameron Cunningham—Mineral Wells, WV, Summer 2019

Whitney Cunningham—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Matthew Curee—Clarksville, OH, Fall 2019

Isaac Curtis—New Matamoras, OH, Spring 2020

Kyle Daniels—Pampa, TX, Spring 2020

Michael Daniels—Parkersburg, WV, Fall 2019

Kamryn Davis—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Racquel Dawson—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Denise DeLong—Salesville, OH, Spring 2020

Matt DeLong—Ravenswood, WV, Spring 2020

Tyler Dennis—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Kayden DeVore—Vincent, OH, Fall 2019

Meagan Downard—Malta, OH, Summer 2019

Andrew Drobina—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Margaret Drum—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Hayley Duff—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kerensa Duffey—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Patricia Duffey—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Hannah Dunfee—Coolville, OH, Spring 2020

Merlea Dunn—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Christy Eddy—Saint Marys, WV, Summer 2019

Colton Eddy—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Colleen Elfline—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Eric Engle—Vienna, WV, Fall 2019

Alexandra Erac—Cutler, OH, Spring 2020

Patrick Fankell—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Andrew Farnsworth—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Cole Farnsworth—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Jhordan Farrah—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kaitlin Farrah—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Daniel Ferguson—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Dylan Ferrell—New Matamoras, OH, Spring 2020

Jordan Fisher—Racine, OH, Fall 2019

Kaitlyn Fleming—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Robert Flinn—Belpre, OH, Fall 2019

Carrington Foreman—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Kennedy Foreman—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Heath Foutty—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Kayla Fry—Fleming, OH, Spring 2020

Jennifer Gainer—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Lauren Gainer—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Janaki Gautam—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Jessica Gearhart—St. Marys, WV, Spring 2020

Katelin Gennett—Zanesville, OH, Fall 2019

Anna Gill—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Abby Gilliand—Cutler, OH, Spring 2020

Letitia Glass—Guysville, OH, Spring 2020

Nancy Glidden—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Lyndsey Gorrell—Waterford, OH, Spring 2020

Bethany Green—Williamstown, WV, Spring 2020

Hope Greuey—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Brooke Haas—Lower Salem, OH, Spring 2020

Alexandra Haessly—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Heath Hamilton—Lowell, OH, Fall 2019

Christopher Hammat—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Ian Harris—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Amanda Harvey—Belpre, OH, Fall 2019

Katelynn Hayes—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Madison Hays—Vienna, WV, Spring 2020

Hannah Headley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Seth Hebert—New Iberia, LA, Spring 2020

Madisyn Heiss—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Erin Hendershot—Ravenswood, WV, Summer 2019

Esteal Hendricks—Dexter City, OH, Fall 2019

Shauna Hennen—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Kevin Hesson—Parkersburg, WV, Summer 2019

Casey Higgins—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Charley Hill—Quaker City, OH, Fall 2019

Holly Hill—Reno, OH, Spring 2020

Corey Hines—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Julia Hinzman—Harrisville, WV, Spring 2020

Kole Hoag—Arkansas City, KS, Spring 2020

Bailey Hogue—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Nathan Holbert—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Chelsea Holiday—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Mindy Horn—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Noah Huffman—Waterford, OH, Spring 2020

Tanner Hurst—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Jordyn Jackson—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kayla Jackson—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kelsey Johnson—Coolville, OH, Spring 2020

Taylor Jones—Washington, WV, Spring 2020

Nathan Justinian-Bank—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Zackary Kehl—Lower Salem, OH, Fall 2019

Megan Kelley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Aura Kelly—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Donald Kelly—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Amanda Kelsey—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Ryan Kerns—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Wesley Kerns—Mineral Wells, WV, Spring 2020

Airetta Kincaid—Elizabeth, WV, Spring 2020

Stephen King—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

April Kinney—Cameron, OH, Spring 2020

Samantha Kisner—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Amanda Klintworth—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Christopher Lacy—Big Bend, WV, Fall 2019

Lena Laipply—Caldwell, OH, Summer 2019

Kaitlin Lamb—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Micayla Lamp—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Rachel Lang—Stockport, OH, Fall 2019

Lena Lang—Reedsville, OH, Spring 2020

David Lauck—Williamstown, WV, Spring 2020

Evan Lauer—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Ashley Lawson—Long Bottom, OH, Spring 2020

Gary Lawyer—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Sierra Layson—Whipple, OH, Fall 2019

Timothy Leach—Waterford, OH, Fall 2019

Brenda Leavitt—Lower Salem, OH, Spring 2020

Ryan Lee—Powhatan Point, OH, Summer 2019

Michael Leggett—Pennsboro, WV, Spring 2020

Ashley Lewis—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Shayla Lightfritz —Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Janson Linton—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Zekiel Liston—Caldwell, OH, Summer 2019

Kayla Logston—Lewisville, OH, Summer 2019

Nathan Long—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Leanna Longfellow—Reno, OH, Spring 2020

Justin Lough—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Edward Lowe—Caldwell, OH, Fall 2019

Valerie Lowe—Lower Salem, OH, Spring 2020

William Mannix—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Heather Marks—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Jasmine Matheny—Mineral Wells, WV, Spring 2020

Andrew Mazurkiewicz—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Chloe McAuley—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Lacey McAuley—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Shawna McAuley—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Calob McGrew—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Jessica Mellott—Parkerburg, WV, Spring 2020

Ariel Metcalf—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Sara Metheney—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Hannah Metz—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Madison Miller—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kelsey Mitchell—Parkersburg, WV, Summer 2019

Dennis Morris—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Lacy Morrow—Mcconnelsville, OH, Spring 2020

Hunter Murdock—Belpre, OH, Fall 2019

Shauna Myers—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Cira Myers—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Clayton Myers—New Martinsville, WV, Spring 2020

Megan Myers—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Daniel Newberry—Citronelle, AL, Spring 2020

Amanda Norman—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Madison Nutter—Belpre, OH, Summer 2019

Amanda O’Brien—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Nicholas Offenberger—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Leanne Omietanski—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Elaine Opper—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Eliana Paintiff—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Tanner Palmer—Pomroy, OH, Summer 2019

Kent Parks—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Mariah Parks—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Briana Patton—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Hannah Payne—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Emily Petty—Williamstown, WV, Summer 2019

Emma Petty—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Grace Peyton—Malta, OH, Spring 2020

Leslie Pfeffer—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Avery Phillips—Washington, WV, Fall 2019

Jacob Phillis—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Deven Powers—Caldwell, OH, Fall 2019

Carla Prescher—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Mary Prim—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Tanner Proctor—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Logan Racy—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Paula Rader—Vienna, WV, Spring 2020

Hunter Reed—Reedsville, OH, Fall 2019

Colton Renner—New Matamoras, OH, Spring 2020

Darian Renner—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Kayleigh Rexroad—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Hannah Rice—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Aaliyah Riddle—Lowell, OH, Summer 2019

Heather Riffle—Coolville, OH, Spring 2020

Samuel Riley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Autumn Roddy—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Crenson Rogers—Racine, OH, Fall 2019

Katie Rollins—Smithville, WV, Spring 2020

Anthony Romayah—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Brendon Ross—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Gracie Roush—Coolville, OH, Spring 2020

Morgan Roush—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Michael Rowland—Waterford, OH, Fall 2019

Marissa Ruble—Woodsfield, OH, Spring 2020

Brenda Runnion—Williamstown, WV, Spring 2020

Meredith Saboley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kenady Sams—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Andrew Sands—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Stacia Sandy—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Alexis Saunders—Vienna, WV, Spring 2020

Gina Schramm—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Keith Schwendeman—Lowell, OH, Spring 2020

Kaitlyn Scott—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Chyla  Sephfus—Vincent, OH, Fall 2019

Whitney Shaffer—Washington, WV, Spring 2020

Hannah Shears—Mineral Wells, WV, Spring 2020

Steven Shelene—Vienna, WV, Spring 2020

Emily Shilling—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Joshua Shook—Reedsville, OH, Spring 2020

Andrea Siders—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Michael Simoniette—Little Hocking, OH, Fall 2019

Ciara Sims—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Stephanie Sklenar—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Rylie Smarr—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Tara Smith—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Preston Smith—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Sheldon Smith—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Tara Snider—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Nolan Southerland—Copley, OH, Spring 2020

Andrew Spaur—Mineral Wells, WV, Fall 2019

Whitney Sprouse—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Samuel St. Clair—Vincent, OH, Summer 2019

Crystal Staats—Williamstown, WV, Spring 2020

Sasha Staats—Washington, WV, Spring 2020

Shelby Stack—Newport, OH, Fall 2019

Kyra Stewart—Sardis, OH, Spring 2020

Christine Stilgenbauer—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Elijah Strode—Stockport, OH, Spring 2020

Casey Sully—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Jasmine Tabler—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Brittany Terrell—Stockport, OH, Spring 2020

Gillian Teters—Waterford, OH, Summer 2019

Jeremy Thomas—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Danielle Thrasher—Lowell, OH, Spring 2020

Katelyn Tidd—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Anthony Tizzano—Beverly, OH, Spring 2020

Stephanie Todd—Cambridge, OH, Fall 2019

Desiree Tomasello—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Britiny Toups—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Baileigh Trisler—Sarahsville, OH, Spring 2020

Johnathan Tucker—Waterford, OH, Spring 2020

Victoria VanDyke—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Veronica Vernon—Woodsfield, OH, Summer 2019

Dinisha Vogt—Coolville, OH, Spring 2020

Tara Wajszczyk—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Sailor Warden—Racine, OH, Spring 2020

Heather Warner—Newport, OH, Fall 2019

Megan Warner—Lowell, OH, Spring 2020

Brady Weaver—Malta, OH, Fall 2019

Abbey Weekley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Rachel Weekley—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Samantha Welch—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

John Welch—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Katelyn Welch—Little Hocking, OH, Spring 2020

Chase Welsh—Vincent, OH, Summer 2019

Nathaniel Westbrook—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Rachel Wichterman—Woodsfield, OH, Fall 2019

Abby Wigal—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Lauren Williams—Athens, OH, Spring 2020

Tammy Williamson—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Rylee Willison—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Kimberly Wilson—Marietta, OH, Fall 2019

Vanessa Wilson—Marietta, OH, Summer 2019

Carolyn Wilson—Waverly, WV, Spring 2020

Cory Wilson—Guysville, OH, Spring 2020

Kiser Windland—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Alisia Winstanley—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Sara Winstanley—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Tiffany Wise—Parkersburg, WV, Spring 2020

Tyler Wise—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Kristen Withers—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Aubriona Wittekind—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Wesley Womack—Ardmore, OK, Fall 2019

Micah Wood—Cambridge, OH, Spring 2020

Maddison Woodyard—Pomeroy, OH, Spring 2020

Breanna Wright—Newport, OH, Spring 2020

Thomas Wussick—Marietta, OH, Spring 2020

Tiffany Yeater—Amesville, OH, Spring 2020

Samuel Young—Belpre, OH, Spring 2020

Lillie Yurco—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Sarah Yurco—Caldwell, OH, Spring 2020

Joseph Zimmer—Vincent, OH, Spring 2020

Allee Zwick—Lower Salem, OH, Spring 2020