It’s 2015! A brand new year with a chance to start all over again. It’s also a time to make resolutions to improve those aspects of your life that may need a little bit more attention. One of those aspects may be your health.

It’s hard not to gain weight at the end of the year. You’ve got a giant meal to eat at the end of November, followed by all your friends and family sending you cookies and cakes and candy to eat before another big meal at the end of December. I myself gained five pounds in the final stretch of 2014. So I decided that 2015 will be the year I return to the stationary bike and lose some weight!

It’s a challenge to get motivated, though. After a long day at work, it’s tough to want to get on a treadmill or bike and do some cardio for an hour. It can be a chore to drive to the gym before work to get on an elliptical or lift some weights. That’s why you need a good motivator. And what better way to get you exercising than a really awesome workout playlist on your iPod?

I’ve compiled a list of 15 songs that I like to play when I’m pedaling the carbs away. So without any more delay, and in no particular order, here is Pete’s Perspiring Playlist:

All of these songs are high tempo tunes that keep me moving, even when I feel like I want to stop. Of course, it goes without saying that this is my playlist. These are the songs that kick me into gear when I’m working out. Feel free to use it yourself, but make sure you find the right music that keeps you running, walking, lifting, or whatever you decide to do.

And another tip, don’t work out because it’s your new year’s resolution. Work out because you want to. It takes plenty of effort and passion to be healthy, so make sure you are going for it 100%.

“All your strength. All your power. All your love. Everything you got.” – Tony “Duke” Evers (Rocky 4)