Through seasonal extremities like the deathly cold grip of winter, we often subconsciously create our own vibrantly nuanced reminiscence as we breathe in the arctic white air, while we feel the snug sensation of welcoming and warm embraces of flannel sleeves and knitted quilt work, and as we immerse ourselves into the thorough caverns of  music as it slowly and subtly embeds its complex wavelengths into our seasonal minds. Allow this playlist, a collection of shoegaze, dreampop and ethereal music to carry you through the swaying chill of winter’s  breath so that in the near future when you listen to these tracks you feel its silently gelid touch and remember the beauty that was organically created through music, rather than the cold darkness that often plagues your mind in the cold and dark of winter’s melancholy.

1. “Crazy For You” by Slowdive
2. “Heavy” by Whirr
3. “Golden Key” by The Stargazer Lilies
4. “Downward Years To Come” by Nothing
5. “Space Song” by Beach House
6. “40 Days”  by Slowdive
7. “Luna (moon of calming)l” by Cemeteries
8. “Sway” by Whirr
9. “Three-Swept” by Cocteau Twins
10. “Disorder” by Joy Division
11. “Antares” by Stella Luna
12. “Never Going Home” by Hazel English
13. “Take My Head” by Turnover

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