The Marietta/Belpre Health Department, Memorial Health System and Washington County Health Department share the latest information on COVID-19. Washington County has 116 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 17 deaths, and is still monitoring 10.3% of the cases. There were no additional cases reported this week for Washington County. Let’s all continue to do our part to stop the spread of the virus.

Marietta/Belpre Health Commissioner Anne Goon notes, “There are many different ways Ohioans can protect their fellow Ohioans. During Memorial Day weekend, we traditionally focus on preventing drunk driving, as in ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.’ This year, we also need to think about how we can protect our friends, neighbors, and loved ones from COVID-19, especially if they are 65 or older or have underlying health conditions that place them at greater risk. This is the year to celebrate Memorial Day at home, as in ‘Friends don’t expose their friends to COVID-19’!”

Marietta Memorial Hospital initiated 2,561 tests to date. The rate of tests positive for COVID-19 is 5.5%. “Please do not put off getting the care you need. Memorial Health System has prepared to care for all of our community safely. From temperature checking at entry points to safe distancing and added layers of cleaning, we are ready to care for you.” said Jennifer Offenberger, Associate VP, Service Excellence of Memorial Health System.

For information about ways to keep you and your community safe, please visit the Ohio Department of Health website at