Effective Wednesday April 1st, 2020, the City of Parkersburg will only remove trash that is properly placed in suitable waterproof containers, including plastic bags and trashcans. This temporary change was decided upon as a measure to limit the potential exposure of City personnel from COVID-19 exposure. Bulk waste goods such as furniture, appliances and the like should be held at this time. The City of Parkersburg asks for the community’s understanding and cooperation.

“The Public Service Commission issued a ruling outlining the above-referenced exclusion of bulk goods and only requiring the collection of properly contained waste,” said Mayor Tom Joyce. “While The City of Parkersburg is not governed by the PSC, nor are we required to follow their guidance, I elected to proceed with the change to keep our employees safe. My number one priority during this pandemic has been and will be to continue to keep our employees safe; and while this change will have an impact on the aesthetics of some neighborhoods, there is nothing more important than safety. We will make arrangements if necessary to “catch up” on bulk waste collection as soon as it is safe to do so, but for now, I am asking that bulk waste be held for collection at a future date.”