There’s a new eatery in town that’s making all of us scream for ice cream. While The Yellow Jacket – Sweets and Eats offers a full menu of tasty sandwiches, pepperoni rolls, hot dogs and more, it was their appropriately named “Freak Shakes” that caught our attention. These monster shakes are more than decadent – they are utterly indulgent in the best way, topped with even more sweets and sugary goodness.

“Gracie’s Birthday Surprise,” for example, is described as a premium milkshake with sprinkles, donuts, cream filled cupcakes, whip cream, and a cherry on top, while “Kiki’s Colossal Cookie” has layers upon layers of cookies and cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, crushed Oreos, whole Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies, with whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top. If it sounds like a lot, it is – but never fear, these shakes are perfect for sharing with a friend. Or two.Owners Joe and Sherri Conny opened The Yellow Jacket just under two months ago. “Joe loves to cook, and I love ice cream! We wanted to open a family-oriented business where lots of memories could be made,” said Sherri. “My ideas for the shakes came from my love of ice cream and seeing similar (smaller) elaborate shakes while on vacation a few years ago.”

These sweet-tooth satisfying shakes are not for the faint at heart or the calorie-counters. Fortunately, we were neither, choosing to split one of “Jessica’s Smores Delight,” topped with campfire marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey Chocolate bar. Each one of the Freak Shakes are name after one of Joe and Sherri’s daughters or grand daughters, making them even more special. Jessica's Smores Delight at The Yellow JacketWhen I asked Sherri what her favorite item on the menu was, she said “Ice cream, of course!” but added that the rest of the menu is just as delicious. “Try the pepperoni roll or Sherri’s chicken salad, your taste buds will thank you! The menu is a mixture of family recipes and Chef Dave’s Daily Specials, with 99% of our food being home made.”

A little off the beaten path, the restaurant features cozy, diner-style seating indoors and a shaded outdoor patio. Although it would be hard for me to go to The Yellow Jacket and NOT order ice cream, I will admit the rest of the home-cooked menu sounded just as appetizing. The Yellow Jacket in Williamstown, WVThe Yellow Jacket will celebrate its Grand Opening this Thursday, August 9th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a special event. “We have invited Senator Manchin and a few other wonderful friends,” said Sherri. “We have been so blessed by the wonderful response and the support from our community!” The event, which begins at 2:30 p.m., is open to the public, though they do encourage guests to RSVP in advance.

“I absolutely love meeting so many new faces and getting to know folks that have drove from all over the Mid-Ohio Valley to try our little place,” Sherri said. “Our employees, who are mostly high school school students, have made me young at heart again!”

So the next time you really want to treat yourself, head to The Yellow Jacket – Sweets & Eats and try one of their Instagram-worthy Freak Shakes. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your sweet creation to be entered into their photo contest!