Fall is officially here! I love new seasons because they are like fresh starts and the next three months are my favorite time of year. It’s the perfect time to set new goals personally and professionally, find what makes you truly happy and makes you feel alive and to evaluate your needs.

What do you need in your life and how can you get more of it? What changes can you make?

Remember, small changes can have an amazing impact. Don’t let the cooler temperatures and shorter days derail your motivation. Embrace it!

Go grab that pumpkin off your front porch and let’s get a fun workout in!

Pumpkin Boot Camp:

Supplies needed:

A pumpkin that challenges you, but not too heavy or too light, a towel or mat and some “spooky” music to get you in the mood.

The Circuit:

Complete 12 reps of all 6 exercises and then take a break and repeat again 2-3 more times.

#1: Spooky Squat and Press:

Hold pumpkin at chest height and squat down. As you rise up press the pumpkin upward into a shoulder press – 12 reps.


#2: Creepy Crawly

Get down into push up position (knees or toes), keeping your core tight and your neck neutral, put your right arm on the pumpkin and do a pushup, plank walk over to the other side and put your left arm on the pumpkin and do a push up. Keep repeating so you do a total of 6 reps on each side.


#3: Monster Curl

Stand upright with your toes out at 11 and 2 or 9 and 3 (depending on your comfort level), keep your back straight the whole time, and lower down into a plie squat. As you lower down, extend the arms straight down and as you come back to standing do a bicep curl with your pumpkin – 12 reps.


#4: Pumpkin Row

Hinge forward at your hips, back flat and knees slightly bent. Arms are relaxed with the pumpkin at arm’s length. Pull your arms towards your chest and squeeze your shoulders. Return to start and repeat. Make sure you don’t have any rounding in your shoulders or lower back on this move – 12 reps.


#5: Frankenstein:

Hold your pumpkin at arms length, straight out in front of you and alternate kicking legs (just like Frankenstein) – do 6 kicks on each leg.


#6: Coffin Sit Ups:

Lie down on the ground and hold the pumpkin directly over your chest. Lift your upper body into a sit-up while extending your arms and reaching the pumpkin to the sky. Return to start and repeat. Keep your chest elevated and your shoulders drawn back and down in this exercise as much as you can – 12 reps.


BONUS: Pumpkin Dash

Want some cardio in between circuits? Grab your pumpkin and run laps in your yard for 45 seconds; take a 15 second break and repeat a total of 4 times.

Since it’s “everything pumpkin” season I thought that I’d share a quick and easy Pumpkin Smoothie to add in. It’s super easy to make.

1 Small Can of Pumpkin
1/2  Cup of Milk (soy, almond, 2%)
Pumpkin Pie Spice (to taste)
Dash of Vanilla

Blend until smooth! Easy, simple and a great way to enjoy some of the fall flavors without all the calories and added sugar.

Get out and enjoy the fall and all this wonderful time of year has to offer.