To quote their own site, “Qiet is the culmination of this wild and wondrous world, infused with every culture on the planet and refined in the mountains of West Virginia.  Our songs radiate an undeniable energy, passionate lyrics and humor dark as coal. A balance of high-energy chaos and perfect order, Qiet’s visceral performances will keep you dancing long after the concert’s over. Combining the elegant excesses of 1920’s jazz with the unpredictably of pure punk rock, what results is not just a show — it is an experience.”

I remember the first time I heard Qiet, I was in downtown Parkersburg. They were playing in the street and I followed their sound and stood in front of them in awe. Who were these beautiful people and why aren’t they the most famous band in the universe? I talked to their vocalist/guitarist Christopher Vincent to find out more.


Are there any special traditions you and your band have when preparing for a show?

I’m so glad you asked.  First, we group hug.  Then, Alasha makes us all sit quietly while she reads a series of inspirational haikus.  Group hug.  Afterwards, the guys find a parking lot and blare Rage Against the Machine out of the van while we bob around and scream compliments at each other to get pumped.  Group hug inside the venue. We dress each other in whatever clothes we’ve brought after making sure all the wrinkles are out and no stains are present.  We take the stage just after one final group hug. 

What has been your favorite place to play so far?

So many are special in their own way, but we all agree that would be Live on the Levee in our home town of Charleston, W. Va.  The city has a concert series throughout the summer on a stage by the river.  Every time we’ve played, it’s been to a massive crowd, the weather’s been perfect, and the people move and howl the whole time. 

qiet6We’re all curious about your influences – who were your favorite bands growing up?

I’m influenced by everything but music, really. 

The truth is, I don’t listen to much.  My inspiration stems from significant interactions with people, events in my life and just general concepts that reveal themselves after contemplation.

 So, not to avoid the question entirely, when I was growing up I listened to anything on the radio in the 90s.  My taste was built on toys and grunge. 

What separates you from other local bands? Do you have a genre you identify with, or have you made your own?

We believe in music without boundaries.  I don’t actually understand why people like to make one genre of music.  I’d say that’s our most unusual characteristic that separates us.  And maybe, theatrics and strong sexual energy. 

Lastly, what you would you like your fans to know?

Dance more, and don’t worry so much. 

I’ll take this advice and listen to “Cosby Sweater” one more time today, and dance around with zero shame. You can do the same! Go find out more about Qiet on their website and facebook page!

Meet the Band:

Christopher Vincent- Guitar, Vocals

Alasha Al-Qudwah- Violin

Max Venoy- Trumpet

James Maddox- Bass Guitar

Stephen Barker- Drums

Top Photograph taken by Kim Shrader

Other Images from Qiet’s Website