Ritchie County lost a community member to COVID-19 yesterday and Wood County lost two individuals as well. This is the second death associated with COVID for Ritchie County and the 14th and 15th for Wood. The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department would like to offer our sympathy to the mourning families.

MOVHD continues to see an increase in COVID-19 cases across the region with Wood, Wirt and Ritchie remaining in the higher color range for at least two weeks.

Four days ago, the MOVHD announced the 13th death in Wood County and the fourth death in Pleasant County.

With the holidays coming, families will want to be together. Family time is very important but please make sure to take precautions to protect those that you love. If you are having symptoms that might normally be dismissed as seasonal, it would be a good idea to be tested before joining family. Wearing a mask while not eating will help to reduce exposure and of course, wash hands frequently and wipe down surfaces.

While travelling, take precautions to wipe down the handle at the gas pump, wash hands after going into a store, and always wear your mask. Small changes can help reduce the anticipated spike in COVID after the holidays.

Stay safe, wear a mask for you and for those around you. We must do better.