Platform shoes, plaid and long hair dominated the trends while smooth ballads floated on summer breezes. Then, loud colors and loud music took over while big hair had its day in the fashion scene. Finally, it gave way to grunge queens and plaid with plastic chokers defining the 90s. Thinking back on songs of the past, everyone has that one hit that gets their body moving. The lyrics come back as if it were still on the Top 40 and the words just bring you back to that moment in your life.

Listeners can always tune into their favorite channels on the radio, but now, there’s an option much closer to home that’s much more fun. DJ KOS AND CORRECT, also known as Mike and Curt, started REWIND events in the Mid-Ohio Valley hoping to engage people with a safe, friendly but ultimately, fun type of entertainment.

“We decided to start the REWIND KOS & CORRECT events because of our love and passion for the “old school.” It is a perfect time for these type of events due to the popularity of whole retro vibe. Fashion trends are reflecting “back in the day” styles from sneakers, wind breakers, hats, shirts and pants,” Curt said.


He’s not wrong, either. Vinyl record sales are increasing along with their turntable counterparts. Movies like the popular Guardians of the Galaxy, are featuring older songs and bringing back the cassette tape.

“We decided to focus on bringing the MOV shows that feature the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

Our upcoming event on Saturday, June 10 “YO! REWIND” is a spin-off of the popular MTV show “YO! MTV RAPS.”  We will be playing everyone’s favorite dance floor classic from the years 1979 to 1993,” Curt said.

The goal behind the creation of REWIND was people in the area something fun and entertaining to do. It also takes people back to a time when things were much simpler and the music was much better.

“The idea that people of different age groups can come together in a very nice, safe, classy venue is an impactful benefit. Our shows provide an atmosphere where people can dance and sing-a-long to the songs that they recognize and remember,” Curt said. “We bring an audio and visual stimulation to our shows.  The crowds can expect music that they love and recognize.  The can see videos from their favorite songs, movie clips from the era, photos and other images that reflect the decade that we are covering.  We also have decorations and stage props. Interaction with the party people and crowd participation is a must.”


Look no farther for a sampling of the songs heard during the shows, DJ CORRECT gave some inside insight to the playlists.

‘70s: Stayin Alive (Bee Gees), Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)

‘80s: Footloose (Kenny Loggins), Billy Jean (Michael Jackson), Let’s Go Crazy (Prince)

‘90s: Jump Around (House of Pain), Good Vibrations (Marky Mark)

YO! REWIND: It Takes Two (Rob Base), Wild Wild West (Kool Moe Dee)

If the music isn’t enough of a reason, take Mike’s advice and dig out the classic clothes. One of the best parts for him as the DJ is seeing everyone dressed up in the attire from the featured decade and really loving the music he’s playing. For him, it’s all about the 80s – the music, the clothes, the crowds that show up for that event. The 80s are what brought him to being a DJ, after all.

“When I was in high school, in the early 80s, I became fascinated with mixing and scratching after seeing Grandmixer DST on stage with Herbie Hancock performing Rock It. I started my journey then and I have continued clear to present day,” he said.

Their careers as DJs are helping them grow the REWIND events in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

“Later this summer will be returning to the 70s.  It will be the 70s in September during the lively Sternwheel Festival. We also will be doing REWIND ‘80s and REWIND ‘90s this winter. Saturday, December 30 we will be returning with our energetic REWIND RemiX –  featuring remixed versions of everyone’s favorites from the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and a touch of the early ‘00s.

Tickets are available at The Galley Restaurant or at the door the night of the event for only $10. Doors open at 7 p.m. with music and dancing starting at 9 p.m.