Local physician, Dr. Jeff Patey, owner and founder of Quality Care Associates an Urgent Care, Family Practice and Wellness has just announced the opening of the Community Wellness Program “Living Young” for 2020.   

It has long been Dr. Patey’s dream to be able to offer to the residents of Marietta, Ohio and the surrounding communities an easily accessible family practice and urgent care center as well as a physician-managed community wellness program.

Quality Care Associates’ family practice and urgent care center is located at 416 Front Street in Marietta. Both the urgent care center and family practice clinic are open Mondays through Saturdays 8 am – 8 pm.  Both are closed on Sundays. And both accept most insurances. 

Dr. Patey’s 2020 community wellness program, called “Living Young – Start Where You Are” officially began in January.   “We are excited to offer our wellness program that is medically supervised and individualized to each member again this year.   Part of my dream was to be able to give people the best quality of life possible”, Dr. Patey explained.   “For many people this may mean losing weight, getting off some of their medications, eating healthier, exercising more, etc.   Whatever ‘Living Young’ means to each individual member, we want to be a part of making it happen in 2020,” he added.

The wellness plan is open to residents of the Marietta and surrounding communities.   The cost of the wellness program is $25 per month. 

According to Dr. Patey, “This is a twelve (12) month program.  Program members will have an extensive health assessment done and will set their 1 to 5 most important goals they want to achieve.  The program comes with monthly scheduled visits with a medical professional that will evaluate and help each member with motivation, education, and ‘tips and tricks’ to help them stay focused on achieving their goals.  These regularly scheduled visits provide a support and accountability system for the members that will effectively help each of them achieve their goals.” 

Dr. Patey said that topics that most people want help with are:  weight loss, diabetes, menopause, heart disease, fitness, depression, fatigue, allergies, high blood pressure, cholesterol, strength/stamina, and stress, etc.

For more information about and to sign up to join the “Living Young” wellness program, contact Quality Care Associates at 740 236 4131.