Buckeye Hills Regional Council has announced a new online resource for individuals dealing with addiction. “MyRecoveryLink.org” will serve as a tool for those suffering from substance use disorder as well as family members affected by the disorder residing in Monroe, Morgan, Noble, and Washington counties. The site will provide guidance to individuals and families who are unsure how to start the road to recovery and will include available resources to assist persons in addiction and recovery.  

Partners at Ohio Valley Employment Resource (OVER) and Buckeye Hills Regional Council formed a collaboration in Fall 2019 to administer an Opioid Resource Navigation Program. Funding was provided by a Department of Labor grant with a goal of returning individuals to long-term participation in the workforce by hiring an Opioid Resource Navigator to lead the project. The project will run through March 2021 with the opportunity for extending the program.  

“We understand the struggle that our communities continue to face with opioid and substance use disorder,” says Bret Allphin, Development Director for Buckeye Hills Regional Council.  “While there are certainly new challenges facing our residents, we haven’t taken our eye off this one. Our hope is that this website can be one tool that can help direct folks in Washington, Morgan, Monroe, and Noble Counties to a continuum of programming and resources that can help them if they are in need.”

The website, designed by Stonewall Group, features the eight dimensions of wellness as a tool to help navigate through addiction. The dimensions of wellness include Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental, Financial, Occupational, and Social. It is believed that through active awareness, acceptance, and commitment to each dimension, individuals can truly thrive and achieve greater success.  

To learn more about recovery resources in your area, visit myrecoverylink.org.

Buckeye Hills Regional Council is a council of governments dedicated to improving the lives of residents in southeast Ohio. By working collaboratively with elected officials across Athens, Hocking, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Perry, and Washington counties, Buckeye Hills connects local, state, and federal resources to communities with their Aging & Disability, Community Development, Mapping & Data, Population Health, and Transportation Planning divisions.