Beginning in January 2021, Sixmo Architecture and Engineering, located in the IncSwell Building at 204 Front Street and headquartered in Cleveland, has established a new service offering for local governments, Sixmo City Services.

“It’s an exciting time for us. I’m continually encouraged as we have another avenue for Sixmo to invest in the Mid-Ohio Valley” stated Sixmo Principal Jared Perry. Sixmo City Services will focus on providing assistance to local governments in the areas of comprehensive planning, management, policy, regulation, project development, data analysis, and public engagement.

Leading Sixmo City Services are two local residents with a history of professional service to public entities and local communities in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Sam Tuten, Director of Planning, comes to Sixmo City Services after previously serving as the Director of Marietta Main Street, and as the the City Planner in the Planning Division for the City of Parkersburg.

“I’m ecstatic to be working collaboratively with local communities to find solutions. I firmly believe that smaller communities have so much to offer, so helping a community see their potential is truly rewarding” stated Tuten.

Bret Allphin also joins Sixmo City Services following a 20-year career at Buckeye Hills Regional Council. “I’ve always been an advocate for local communities and southeastern Ohio – I’m pleased for the opportunity to work even more closely on those pressing issues facing our communities” said Allphin.

For more information about Sixmo City Services, please visit their website. Sam Tuten and Bret Allphin can be reached anytime at, and

Jared Perry can be reached at, and via telephone at 740-809-2400 x101.