Talk to any parent, young or old, and you’ll hear the same story—kids are expensive.  From must-have gadgets to ensure a healthy, happy mom and baby to electronic toys for tweens and teens—the trappings required to clothe, feed, transport, entertain and protect a child are mind boggling. If parents tallied every dollar spent on their child from birth through middle school, the balance sheet would probably make any Wall Street wizard cringe.

It’s a universal challenge, finding a way to satisfy the wants and needs of a child without breaking the piggybank. And once those items are no longer needed, what do you do with them? Those adorable little outfits that were only worn once, that Little Tykes toy that will last for years—is there an alternative to yard sales or the Goodwill box? One parent has an answer to both dilemmas, and she’s bringing the solution to the Mid Ohio Valley this month. My Mommy Mart, run by Molly Floding, is a children’s consignment event held each spring and fall at the Washington County Fairgrounds. This is not a store; it is a colossal consignment event designed to provide affordable children’s clothing and items to parents in the area. At the same time, it offers a way for parents to turn those outgrown and unused items into cash.  With about 250 consignors registered for this event, nearly 40,000 items will be up for grabs at prices far below retail. During the five day event, at least 70% of that inventory will be sold.

My Mommy Mart

My Mommy Mart has been serving the Mid Ohio Valley since 2009, when Molly and her husband Jason moved back to the area from Alabama. After Jason lost his position with a major electronics firm, the Flodings decided to return to his MOV roots and start their own business. Molly had been a stay-at-home mom and college student, so she recognized the niche for a venue to provide both affordable items and a means to earn extra money. Not only does MMM keep unwanted items out of landfills, but Molly also works with local charities and organizations to help with their needs.

My Mommy Mart is not your old school rummage sale; Early Education teachers can find a variety of books and learning toys and parents will likely see upscale brands they wouldn’t normally splurge on. Consignors use the online inventory system to choose the price for their items and keep 70% of the selling price. Anyone can be a consignor and you can check out the website and their Facebook page. Time is running out to register as a consignor for the upcoming sale, but don’t despair —  even if you miss selling at this event, browsing the huge inventory for bargains will be time well spent.