If you’re a local resident who has not made your way to House of Wines yet, what are you waiting for? From the wine and beer store, to the older feeling of the dining area, to the truly terrific views of the Muskingum River. Going to House of Wines provides more than just dining, it provides the opportunity to shop (my favorite!), learn more about the food and wine as you eat and drink and enjoy an atmosphere for more meaningful conversation.

House of Wines is always one of my favorite places to eat (and drink). The food is always prepared fresh and becoming a regular includes the benefit of knowing the servers. It was a girls night out, so we all arrived about 7:00 and were shown to a nice table a bit away from the noise of a few other bigger tables. As always, the table presentation and environment was lovely. Let Wine Wednesday (and MOV Restaurant Week) begin!

Our server, Angela, is a great resource on all things wine and she even makes the desserts! She started off telling us about our restaurant week options and the wine pairing that is a special House of Wines touch. Though, a few of us are fans of the newer Wine Tasting Machine, so we were excited to get the wine cards and sample some of the 8 different wines. One friend, Nicole, chose to go with the $12 wine pairing for the 3 courses and she was very happy with all of the wine choices. Though I think the first glass may have already been consumed before the appetizer arrived…oops!

After some sampling at the wine tasting machine and first glasses decided upon, we began with the appetizer course. Our group tried both options: the Butternut Squash Croquettes with Sage Cream Dipping Sauce and Cordon Bleu Strips with Honey Mustard. Everyone loved the Butternut Squash, the feedback was the sauce is amazing, and would be on literally anything. The fresh parmesan on top and spinach underneath added a nice touch. Even my friend Nicole who is not a huge fan of squash said “people that don’t like butternut squash will flock to these.” The other appetizer was less popular among our group, Raquel wished there would’ve been a bit more cheese inside; though, people thought it was cooked well – crunchy but tender ham on the inside.

After some wine refills, the main course came out, we all chose the Pan Seared Trout, served with Cheddar Polenta Fries, Green Bean and Caper White Wine Sauce. I am already partial to trout, it has a great flavor and this Trout was no exception. The lemon, capers and green onions great touch, and the fish was tender. The green beans paired well with the trout and we just soft enough. The polenta fries were a bit too salty for most of us, but overall everyone was satisfied with this dish. It was recommended to squeeze lemon over hole plate, and dip fries into sauce on plate.

And, last but certainly not least – Dessert! Our table tried both the Chocolate Cheesecake with Chambord Sauce & Fresh Raspberries and Coconut Cake with Rum Frosting, Pineapple Compote & Toasted Coconut. I loved the Chocolate Cheesecake, it was more of a mouse consistency, reminding me of a flourless chocolate torte and the raspberries were delicious – kudos Angela! The other dessert also had rave reviews, though pineapple is not my favorite in a dessert, the frosting and coconut were awesome!

We left House of Wines full and happy, everyone was very happy with the food (or maybe that was the wine), jokes aside, we are always impressed with the presentation and quality at House of Wines. Everyone especially loved the Butternut Squash and both desserts! And, when you stop by this weekend for restaurant week or sometime as the weather gets nicer to sit on the patio, don’t forget to stock up on beer and wine before you leave, definitely the best place around for wine and an opportunity to mix and match a six pack to try new craft beers.