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Clutch MOV is a free, online publication that delivers editorial coverage of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s rich culture and local flavor. We aim to celebrate local culture, community and creativity through regular, high-quality articles and social media content and to serve as a hub of local information for residents and visitors alike.

Our mission is to do more than just promote the Mid-Ohio Valley – we are actively and passionately trying to make it a better place.

We live in a beautiful area, rich with texture and vibrant scenery. We wanted to establish quality social media streams that not only captured this beauty, but built upon it – encouraging others to document and share their experiences. We also recruited a handful of talented local photographers to make sure our content really stood out – we are not just a website after all, we are a magazine.

Over the past three years, we have published hundreds of articles online, hosted a number of free community events, partnered with local revitalization efforts and service groups, and established ourselves as a primary source of positive, interesting local content.

Now, we are asking for your help so that we can continue to provide this content free for all to read and enjoy.

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You value positive, local content. We are already bombarded with the weight of all that is happening in the world from our regional, national, and international media outlets. We believe there is a need to share more of the positive narrative about what is happening right here in our own backyard. We aren’t trying to compete with the daily newspaper, because we aren’t publishing hard hitting news. But we do believe these stories are just as important to share. We know you do, too.

You believe in a better community. Are you invested in this community and tired of hearing about how bad things are? We are too! By connecting with us and sharing our content, we can continue to change the perception together.

You want to make an impact. Clutch MOV is making an impact in this community. We’ve heard from new residents that we were part of the reason they chose to move here. We’ve heard from our readers that they view the Mid-Ohio Valley more positively and have discovered new shops, restaurants, and experiences through this publication. We are deeply committed to impacting our region. Can you feel the change? Join us!

You’ll get a cool mug. If you follow Clutch MOV, you are familiar with our product line. We are designing a special mug, just for members. We know this isn’t why you support us, but it’s our way of thanking you for your support. Just make sure to include your shipping address when you sign up below!

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