Marietta has a new Little Free Library, the first one on Harmar Hill. It is located in the schoolyard of Veritas Classical Academy at 115 Victory Place. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world. The organization helps people around the world start and maintain free “take a book, share a book” book exchanges called Little Free Libraries. 

The sponsor of this Little Free Library, Dana Strecker, received it in kit form from her coworkers when she retired. “It was the perfect gift for an avid reader,” says Strecker. “They gave me the Cottage Kit as well as boxes and boxes of books for readers of all ages.”

As a resident of Harmar Hill, Strecker wanted a location that was central to the neighborhood and easy to refill, although she is not worried about refreshing the Little Free Library much after it catches on. “Based on experiences from other sponsors, a community Little Free Library over time becomes almost self-sustaining. As people take books, they also start replacing them with books they have already read so those can be shared with neighbors.”

She says that the location is perfect. It is easy to walk to the Little Free Library from much of Harmar Hill and also close to parking. “That is why I kept returning to that location in my mind as the most convenient for the neighborhood. Dr. Newman and the Veritas founders were gracious and welcoming when the idea was presented. I am grateful to them for allowing me to use this location,” Strecker says.

Strecker stops by the Little Free Library each week. She says, “If you don’t find an interesting book on your first visit, come again in a few days and you will find some different books. I will replace books that have been taken and exchange books that haven’t found the right audience yet.”

Marietta has several other Little Free Libraries, some of which are registered on the official map. Unregistered Little Free Libraries include ones at the Main and Lafayette Branches of the Washington County Public Library.