You may be familiar with his hit songs, “Alyssa Lies”, “Livin’ Our Love Song”, and “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”. With a number one album under his belt, Country Music singer/songwriter Jason Michael Carroll made a tour stop at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, Ohio on Saturday, December 13th.

Carroll, whose new album is expected to release in early 2015, is no stranger to the Mid-Ohio Valley. In the last few years, he has played a handful of shows in Parkersburg and Marietta and usually makes multiple stops across Ohio and West Virginia along his tour route each year. Jason and his band enjoyed lunch at The Galley before sound checking in the music hall. Upon completion of sound check, Carroll took it upon himself to capture some of the beauty The Adelphia and The Hackett Hotel has to offer on his own camera. “Adelphia Music Hall is a beautiful venue.  As soon as we walked in and saw the room I was stoked.”, Carroll said. “The vibe in there is awesome.  The curtains, the design in from the walls down to (or up to rather) the tile on the ceiling were so classic.”

Taking the stage, Carroll kicked off his set with an upbeat, brand new single titled, “God Only Knows”. He followed it up with a mixture of songs from his old and upcoming albums and also included some classic covers such as, “Purple Rain” by Prince and Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. The setlist was full of energy and interaction between Carroll and the audience. “We had a blast. Lots of people, singing along to our hits, on the floor and in the balcony, as well as moving along to our new music.” It’s obvious that Jason Michael Carroll is a natural born performer.

“We had a blast. Lots of people, singing along to our hits, on the floor and in the balcony, as well as moving along to our new music.”

Jason has a loyal fan club of “Honkytonk Friends” who aren’t afraid to travel hundreds of miles to catch a show. I spoke with Jason Michael Carroll Fan Club member, Tracie King, who flew to Marietta for the show at the Adelphia from Asheville, North Carolina, about her experience at the music hall and The Galley. “I think it was a very beautiful venue and friendly staff. I loved being able to eat before the concert and wait inside. We were very well taken care of.” I also spoke with Lindsay Heintz of Phoenix, Arizona, who also flew in for the concert. “The venue was beautiful. I have never seen anything like it. I was in awe and couldn’t stop taking pictures!  Food was great, staff was friendly and it was a good experience from start to finish. Would definitely love to come back!”

Carroll said his new single was released for radio download this December and they are focusing on making a big push for air play after the first of the year, so call your local country radio stations and request “God Only Knows”.  “The song we have chosen to lead into the record release is ‘God Only Knows’.  We played that song at The Adelphia Music Hall and I’m liking the reactions I’m seeing from it.”
Also, be on the lookout for his new album, expected to be released in February of 2015. “It has been 4 years since our last album but that didn’t mean we were taking time off.  We have been very fortunate to have the friends (fans) that have supported us and allowed us to stay busy touring even without a label.” This album will be Carroll’s first album since his 2011 release, “Numbers”. While most albums are recorded by studio musicians, Carroll is extremely proud of the fact that this album has been recorded using his own band members. A handful of the songs said to be on the new album have already become crowd favorites at his live shows.
It’s safe to say Jason Michael Carroll and his band enjoyed their visit to the Adelphia Music Hall. “People jumping, dancing, singing along and partying with us, created the atmosphere that helped us bring the party to the Adelphia.  My band and I are totally looking forward to coming back and partying with the folks at the Adelphia Music Hall again.”
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