NPR describes Hello June’s debut EP, Spruce, as “bright, blissful rock that shimmers.” The Morgantown-based band, named one of NPR’s Slingshot Artists of 2018, carries this description over to their live show as well. Tight, hook-filled choruses lead to roomy instrumental breaks that allow you to float a little, without being self-indulgent or too lengthy. Hello June is on to something special, blending catchy pop with dreamy rock and roll. Their upcoming full-length will expand on their successful formula.

“We feel like we’ve brought a new level of vulnerability with the upcoming full-length, and because of that, I’d describe it as more gritty, organic, and melodic in a lot of ways,” said Sarah Rudy, the band’s front woman. “‘Mars,’ which will be the first release from out upcoming album, has made it into our live set recently and has been lots of fun to play. There is a spaciness to it, fittingly, and we get to play off of each other, which is definitely a consistent attribute to our new material.”

Hello June is a bit new to the MOV music scene, playing their first show in the area at Marietta Brewing Company last October, but they’ve quickly gained love and support from the area. When asked about their favorite area venue, Sarah responded, “Peoples Bank Theatre is a beautiful venue, both physically and acoustically. We were invited to play by Michelle Waters for the Undercurrent Winter Festival.” Here’s hoping it won’t be long before Sarah and her bandmates Chad and Whit are able to get back in our area for another show!


Generally speaking, the music scene is male-dominated. Some of the best musicians in our area are female, but the majority of bands are led by men. Asked about being a woman in today’s scene, Sarah said, “Although I’ve seen and felt the impact of being a woman in a male-dominated scene, our fans are diverse and supportive, and make up for what can sometimes be negative experiences.” The band will inevitably gain more fans each time they play, and hopefully this helps silence any negativity tossed at the band for having a female leader.


So, what’s next? It looks like the band will continue to play regional shows to support last year’s EP, “Spruce,” and mix in new material off the upcoming full-length album in the live set. Find out more about the band on their Facebook page, and go see them as soon as you can. Wear your best groovin’ shoes.