There are certain places in Marietta that are always on the list when out-of-town family and friends come to visit.  One of those must-stop shops is The Harmar Tavern.  Home of all things fried and delicious, The HT houses one of the regions most prized cuisines-The “Sure to be Famous Fried Bologna Sandwich.”

Now, by no means is The Harmar Tavern a place you want to visit when you are on a diet- although they do have a few green things on the menu.  But let’s be honest, you are not going there to watch your waistline.

Harmar Tavern

The bologna sandwich, on its buttered and toasted soft Kaiser bun is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sweet pickles, onions and ‘dressing.’  My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.  If you are a little turned off by the word ‘bologna’, try thinking about it like a really awesome warm ham sandwich.

Most things on the menu at the Tavern are under $7, which is great for guys and gals on a budget.  The bologna sandwiches will foot you a whopping $4.95. I recommend ordering a pitcher of Blue Moon for the table, which is served with super frosty glasses, and they are not stingy with the oranges. If you are feeling really frisky, order a side of seasoned curly fries to make it a meal.

Harmar Tavern PatioBut, I did not tell you the best part of the story, which is the Hamar Tavern has one of the BEST patios in town.  The patio sits right on the street, a wrought iron and brick enclosure adds a bit of comfort and charm.  There are a few trees for shade, plenty of seating, and no shortage of ambiance for you to experience.

If I have convinced you to try it, and you want the full experience, park on the Marietta side of the river and walk over the old Harmar train bridge, which is located at the end of Butler Street in downtown Marietta. The walk over the mighty Muskingum will burn a few calories off before you get there, so you can feel better about the deliciousness you are about to consume. Make sure to take a picture for us.  Savor it.  Pay your $11 bill.  You are welcome.