From all of us here at Clutch MOV, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends! In celebration of this wonderful time of year, we thought we would share with you what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Join in and share what you are most grateful for in the comments below!

Joe Stephens: I am thankful that a miracle happened and God brought love back into my life when I thought that time had passed for me. The joy it brings is indescribable.

Cristie Thomas: I’m thankful for kind, compassionate, doers who work to make communities stronger. I’m thankful for those who uplift and encourage others. I’m grateful for my family and I’m grateful for my friends, including Sarah.

Courtney Smith:  I’m thankful for a close-knit community of a plethora of people that support local businesses and believe in what one another’s dreams and goals are for the MOV.

Laura Pytlik: I’m thankful for family, health, and the daily blessings I receive from a loving God. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to pursue a dream in this great little community!

Courtney Knoch:  I’m thankful for opportunities and open doors, open-minded friends, and people willing to try to do/ be/ make things better!

Brooke Greenwood: I am thankful for my family and friends, my health, and that I was born and raised right here in the MOV. I am also thankful to be employed by a local business and a wonderful family at The Witten Farm Market and Greenhouse. Lastly, I’m thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to write articles and take pictures for Clutch MOV. It’s been a dream of mine since 2015.

Marjorie Clayman:  I am grateful I’ve had the opportunity to write for the esteemed Clutch MOV community this year. I am thankful for everything Sarah and Cristie do for the community. I am thankful Sarah landed an opportunity to be able to do even more for Marietta, because I think she’s gonna light the world on fire. I’m thankful for my loyal friends and family, and also my dog who is not loyal but who is very cute.

Cassidy Ruppenthal: I’m thankful for good books. Books that you curl up on the couch with, in your fuzzy socks and a cup of tea on the table. Books that take a part of your soul and replace it with a piece of their own. Books that change something inside of you that remains changed forever. I feel like those books are so rare, and it’s truly a treasure when you find one.

Cassie Bateson:  I’m thankful for the people in my life. The holidays always bring people together and it’s my favorite thing about this time of year.

Brittany Hapney: I’m obviously thankful for my family and friends and, though my health isn’t perfect, I’m thankful for the health I have because I know it could be worse. I’m thankful for people like Sarah and Olivia and the entire Clutch staff who are always shining a positive light on the Mid-Ohio Valley in a world that seems so negatively centered nowadays. Let us never forget about the great area live in- an area full of beauty, local small businesses, and stand-up people! Living in this area gives me hope that there are still good people in this world. I’m very thankful to live here!

Liv Hefner: Its exceptionally hard to articulate what I’m grateful for this year. It’s been a year of transition and change for my family, but overall, I’m thankful for my supportive and growing family, for local friendships and for those that can transcend distance, for snuggly fur babies, for jobs that enrich and provide and for the opportunity to be a good friend, wife, daughter, & community member.

Sarah Arnold: I’m so thankful to be surrounded by kind-hearted, passionate people and to have an opportunity to serve my community in a meaningful way. For my husband, family, friends, opportunities, unexpected kindness, and much more, I thank God for the many blessings he has given me. I am also thankful for each and every person who supports what we do here at Clutch MOV. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.