Over the next few months, posts from businesses and brands of all kinds – including from local news and content sites like Clutch MOV – will appear significantly less often in your Facebook news feed, according to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is a big deal for you – our readers.

Zuckerberg made the major announcement last night, and it will almost certainly affect the way you read news on the largest and most influential social media platform in the world. Facebook hopes this change will increase the quality of the news in your feed and give users more time to connect with the people most important to them. Posts from family and friends will now have significant priority in your news feed.

We also believe in the importance of using social media for personal, meaningful connections. At Clutch MOV, we have used Facebook as a way to conveniently and conversationally connect with our readers. Social media of all kinds is a great way to distribute local content to readers, and it will remain so. But things will be different and here’s the bottom line:

If you rely primarily on Facebook to deliver local content to you, you are about get a lot less of it.

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Another way to stay connected is to join our Clutch MOV Community Facebook Group. Unlike our Facebook Page, the group allows you to be notified when we publish new content and creates space for conversation, questions, and ideas. We created our Facebook group so that you can better connect with our content and our staff.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of positive, local content. We hope you will continue to seek us out, even if we don’t show up in your Facebook news feed quite as often.