Spring is finally here to stay, (I’m praying anyway), and that means its time to put away the heavier fabrics and bust out the warm weather attire.  Here are my must-have items that are essential to wear this spring.

White jeans and cotton or linen trousers

Jeans are something that everyone has in their closets but not many opt for the white jean.  The white color seems to blend seamlessly with the other brighter colors that we tend to wear when the weather gets warm, rather than the stark contrast with dark jeans.  If you’re out on a date, go with the cotton or linen trousers, they are going to be more comfortable, light-weight, dressier and you’re going to look more sophisticated.

Long sleeved polo

I’ve been eyeing a long-sleeved polo and haven’t decided which color I want yet, but I feel one is necessary.  They are a great substitute to an oxford button up and look great with either the white jeans or trousers.

White tennis shoes

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, get a pair of all white tennis shoes!  Usually I tend to stay with the low top shoes since they can be somewhat dressier, but this year I picked up a pair of all-white high top chuck tailors and couldn’t be happier.

Lightweight suit

You can’t wear the heavier wool suits when it gets warm unless you like sweating all day.  It’s getting closer to summer, which means wedding season so you have to be prepared.  Linen suits are nice for extremely warm weather, but if you want something that can be worn in the spring and summer, opt for a linen cotton blend or a full cotton suit.