Last month, the Marietta College Board of Trustees issued a challenge to its members to support the Washington County Disaster Relief Fund of the Marietta Community Foundation, in response to the recent emergency flooding situations.

The reaction from the challenge was overwhelmingly generous. Initiated by Trustee Andrew Ferguson, the challenge resulted in more than $5,000 contributed to the Fund from the Marietta College Board of Trustees. Inspired by the Board’s generosity, the Marietta Community Foundation responded with a match of its own. The fund continues to grow thanks to additional contributions from community members.

“I’ve often preached about the mutual reliance of the college and the community,” said Ferguson of the Board. “I’ve never witnessed a President embrace that so well as Dr. Ruud, and I’m extremely thankful for his leadership in the community.”

“We are pleased to join our partners at Marietta College and in the community to help those impacted by last month’s flooding,” said Heather Allender, President and CEO of the Marietta Community Foundation. “While we were fortunate that the river did not raise any higher, many businesses and residents were affected and are still cleaning up.”

On behalf of the Marietta College Board of Trustees, the Marietta Community Foundation and several individual community members, the Foundation is pleased to announce that $5,000 will be available for local individuals and businesses affected by the recent flooding.

“At Marietta College, we have worked to connect our faculty, staff, students and Board of Trustees with the surrounding community so they have a better understanding of not only what is happening at the College but also in the Mid-Ohio Valley,” said Marietta College President Bill Ruud. “When they heard about the impact of the flooding on the region, they all wanted to help. I am proud to say they are an amazing group who not only care about the future of Marietta College, but also our community. I’m also pleased that the Marietta Community Foundation was excited to match their gifts and help us make an even bigger impact on those affected by the recent flooding.”

Individuals in need of financial assistance or reimbursement for damages resulting from February’s flooding can contact Caring Connection by calling 740-376-9903. Businesses and organizations in need of financial assistance or reimbursement for damages that resulted from February’s flooding can contact Cristie Thomas at Marietta Main Street at or 740-885-8194, or download the application here.

The Marietta Community Foundation is a community leader, convening agencies and coordinating resources to help our citizens when they need it most. This collaboration reinforces the Marietta College and community bond that has only grown stronger under the leadership of Dr. Ruud.