Do you know how sometimes, something just “hits a heartstring” with you, and everything about it makes sense? Well for me, that’s Cash Mob Mondays, my passion project. On the first Monday of the each month at 5:30 p.m., we meet at the park by Twisted Sister Boutique with at least $10 in hand, and maybe a couple friends.  No one knows where the “mob” will be shopping but clues are read and once it is figured out, off we go!  Your only commitment to the store being “mobbed” is to spend $10 (or more, most of the time because the selection is so great!)  Afterwards, the group usually heads to a downtown restaurant to eat and vote on the next location to be mobbed.

Cash Mob has directly influenced the economy of our downtown by adding on average about $400 to that store in just under 30 minutes. We are also able to introduce local shoppers to new stores they have never been to before as well as reintroducing them to stores that they haven’t visited in awhile. The great benefit of this is that stores have no cost in this event. We use word of mouth advertising and printed flyers from our own stores. This allows this event to be pure profit to the stores which sometimes will give them the chance to order that new line that they have wanted to carry, or do some more advertising or marketing with those extra funds.

Sylvi Caporale of American Flags and Poles said “We love this event! It allows the community to come and experience what Marietta is all about, and what a great opportunity to visit our wonderful shops and find great treasures for gifts.” Many shop owners like Sylvi appreciate the opportunity to reach a new customer and hopefully create a lasting customer who will continue to visit our stores and bring back friends too.

So why is it a lifestyle? Shopping small has become such an important topic in today’s life that many individuals change their shopping habits to only include the small, independently owned stores. Though the box store might be “easier” than shopping small, you won’t leave with the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a local entrepreneur. Cash Mob allows us to visit the small business in our town that are new or old, some we have shopped at our whole lives and some we have never been into before.  We have the best time at Cash Mob because it’s about family.

Longtime cash mobber, Vicki Ayers has been to all mobs since we started back and said she loves how we are seeing so many young kids and new faces joining us with mobbing. She loves how we create a  sense of family while we’re out. Cash Mob is a group of individuals that come together, choosing to support small businesses in a great way.

Cash mob is something I am so passionate about! I invite you to come experience the joy you’ll get “mobbing” a local business, shopping small, meeting new friends, and creating a new lifestyle change for you and your friends.