Anyone who knows me knows that I have been a diehard P!nk fan since her second album M!ssundastood was released in 2001. Her first album was a give or take, but has grown on me over time. This year P!nk released her seventh studio album entitled ‘Beautiful Trauma.’ What makes this album different from a lot of music released today is that the artist herself wrote, or cowrote, every single song on the album. This is something that P!nk has been known for by the industry, as well as by her fans. That may very well be one of the grand secrets to her ongoing success, the fact that there is a little piece of her in everything she releases. The first single, “What About Us” debuted on mainstream radio, along with a video, as beautiful, yet strong political anthem representative of the world we live in today.

The album is full of incredible vocals, snarky wit, and more than a couple of moments that just make you stop and think out loud ” Wow, I have totally been there before.” The tracks range from a soulful “You Get My Love” to the sassy “Revenge” a rather comedic duet with rapper Eminem. Don’t expect him to be the only one rapping on the track, though, as P!nk gets back to some of her R&B roots to make this a standout single. “I Am Here” is true to it’s title as a defiant statement of the artist not backing down from challenge any time soon. I am hard pressed to pick a favorite track from the album, but I will say that the song “But we Lost It” resonated very deeply with me, and is one of those songs that will put you in the singer’s shoes and in the artist’s soul. I cannot recommend this album enough, but true to her style, P!nk drops more than a few F-bombs, so if you are sensitive to language, you can opt for the censored version. If not, the album is available digitally, on cd, and on vinyl – which is the medium I prefer. I’d love for y’all to come back and let me know what your favorite track is once you take a listen.