Nick Gyongyosi

Ghost Stories

Parkersburg’s Riverview Cemetery, fringing the Julia-Ann Square Historic District, is a hotbed of paranormal activity. It allegedly is a place where strange orb...

Embracing Men’s Fashion

Freakonomics Radio recently aired an episode in which they discussed the normative social practice of wearing belts as opposed to suspenders, which the producer...
Nick Gyongyosi

Nick Gyongyosi


Nick Gyongyosi was born in Marietta, Ohio. After growing up in Parkersburg, W.Va, Nick attended college at George Washington University, completed his Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, and is now undergoing the millennial rite of passage known as “figuring it out.” His most notable accomplishments include almost getting that sweet perfect attendance certificate in elementary school, and consistently being that guy you met at that party who you don’t know his name but you kind of remember him being “really nice.”